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Danzig (May)
Breakaway (May)
Styx (June)
Fire From The Gods (May)
Rise Against (June)
Eighteen Visions (June)
Fame on Fire (May)
Paramore (May)
311 (June)
Accept (August)
Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow (June)
Joy In Motion (May)
A Killer´s Confession (April)
Third Eye Blind (June)
King Washington (May)
Branch Arterial (April)
Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie (June)
Mating Ritual (May)
Jibe (June)
Royal Blood (June)
DGM (June)
Mastercastle (May)

April 28
Life of Agony - A place where there´s no more pain (Napalm Records, USA, metal)
Mew - Visuals (Play it again Sam, DENMARK, progressive pop)
Ayreon - The source (Mascot Label Group, THE NETHERLANDS, progressive metal)
New Found Glory - Makes me sick (Hopeless Records, USA, pop / punk)
Art Nation - Liberation (Gain Music, SWEDEN, melodic rock)
Kings of Broadway - Kings of Broadway (Pride and Joy Music, ITALY, modern rock)
Backwood Spirit - Backwood Spirit (Pride and Joy Music, SWEDEN, classic rock)
Mark Lanegan Band - Gargoyle (Heavenly Recordings, USA, alternative rock)
Liv Sin - Follow me (Despotz Records, SWEDEN, heavy metal)
Fast Romantics - American love (Light Organ Records, CANADA, indie rock)
John Mellencamp - Sad clowns and hillbillies (Republic Records, USA, rock)
Dada Ante Portas - When Gravity Fails (Gadget Records, SWITZERLAND, rock)
He Is Legend - Few (Spinefarm Records, USA, metal)
Lonely Robot - The big dream (Inside Out Music. U.K, progressive rock)
Pyramaze - Contingent (Inner Wound Recordings, DENMARK, progressive metal)
Vandroya - Beyond the human mind (Inner Wound Recordings, BRAZIL, progressive metal)
MindMaze - Resolve (Inner Wound Recordings, USA, progressive metal)
Bai Bang - Rock of life (AOR Heaven, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Rockett Love - Grab the rocket (AOR Heaven, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Stahlmann - Bastard (AFM Records, GERMANY, industrial metal)
Jimmy Urine - The secret cinematic sounds of Jimmy Urine (The End Records, USA, synth pop)
Days of Jupiter - New Awakening (Metalville Records, SWEDEN, hard rock)
Bright Light Bright Light - Cinematography 2 : Back in the habit (Self Raising Records, U.K, electro pop)
All That Remains - Madness (Razor and Tie Records, USA, metalcore)
Sleeping At Last - Atlas : Intelligence EP (Asteroid B-612 Records, USA, alternative rock)
American Standards - Anti-Melody (Independent, USA, hardcore)
Branch Arterial - Beyond the border (Independent, AUSTRALIA, alternative progressive rock)
A Killer´s Confession - Unbroken (EMP Label Group, USA, metal)

May 1
Dream Aria - On the other side (Independent, CANADA, progressive rock)
Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights - Give up the ghost EP (Independent, USA, power pop)
May 5
Motionless In White - Graveyard shift (Roadrunner Records, USA, rock / metal)
At The Drive In - In - ter - a - li - a (Rise Records, USA, post-hardcore)
Hawkwind - Into the woods (Cherry Red Records, U.K, space rock)
May 12
Inglorious - Inglorious II (Frontiers Records, U.K, hard rock)
Harem Scarem - United (Frontiers Records, CANADA, melodic rock)
Warrant - Louder, harder, faster (Frontiers Records, USA, hard rock)
Kobra and The Lotus - Prevail I (Napalm Records, CANADA, hard rock)
Vinyl Theatre - Origami (Fueled By Ramen Records, USA, alternative rock)
Charlotte Martin - Rapture (Test-Drive Records, USA, alternative pop)
Molehill - Hearts on fire EP (Independent, USA, alternative rock / pop)
Seether - Poison the parish (Bicycle Records, USA, alternative metal)
DREAMCAR - DREAMCAR (Columbia Records, USA, new wave)
Dead Letter Circus - The endless mile (Ten To Two Records, AUSTRALIA, alternative metal)
Voyager - Ghost mile (IAV Records, AUSTRALIA, progressive metal)
Snakecharmer - Second skin (Frontiers Records, U.K, classic rock)
Royal Hunt - 2016 Live (Frontiers Records, DENMARK, symphonic metal)
Vanden Plas - The seraphic live works (Frontiers Records, GERMANY, progressive metal)
Goo Goo Dolls - You should be happy EP (Warner Bros, USA, modern rock)
Onesie - Leos Consume (Independent, USA, power pop)
Tigress - Like it is EP (LAB Records, U.K, rock)
Satellite Stories - Young detectives (Universal Music, FINLAND, indie pop / rock)
Eloy - The vision, the sword and the pyre (Soulfood Music, GERMANY, progressive rock)
Todd Rundgren - White knight (Cleopatra Records, USA, alternative pop / electronica)
Far Away Stables - Between rage and serenity (Collision Course, AUSTRALIA, rock / metal)
Paul Weller - A kind revolution (Warner Bros Records, U.K, new wave)
Defending Cain - (cntrl) (Independent, USA, alternative metal)
Paramore - After laughter (Fueled By Ramen, USA, pop / rock)
May 19
Linkin Park - One more light (Warner Bros Records, USA, alternative rock)
Kaleido - Experience (Independent, USA, rock / pop / punk)
The Dead Daisies - Live and louder (Independent, USA, hard rock)
The Night Flight Orchestra - Amber Galactic (Nuclear Blast Records, SWEDEN, classic rock)
Shadowman - Secrets and lies (Escape Music, U.K, melodic rock)
Papa Roach - Crooked teeth (PledgeMusic, USA, rock / metal)
Rammstein - Paris (Universal Music, GERMANY, industrial metal)
Flor - Come out, you´re hiding (Fueled By Ramen Records, USA, alternative pop)
Pete Lynch - Kill the monster (Holly Hill Street Records, USA, rock)
The Kooks - The best of....so far (Virgin Records, U.K, alternative rock)
Biters - The future ain´t what it used to be (Earache Records, USA, power pop)
Mastercastle - Wine of heaven (Scarlet Records, ITALY, heavy metal)
Mating Ritual - How you gonna stop it? (Independent, USA, alternative pop)
King Washington - Potential (The End Records, USA, indie rock)
Fame on Fire - Transitions EP (Independent, USA, active rock)
Fire From The Gods - Narrative Retold (Rise Records, USA, hardcore / metal)
May 26
Avatarium - Hurricanes and halos (Nuclear Blast Records, SWEDEN, doom metal)
Alestorm - No grave but the sea (Napalm Records, U.K, pirate metal)
The Letter Black - Pain (EMP Label Group, USA, hard rock)
Mark Slaughter - Halfway there (EMP Label Group, USA, hard rock)
Wind Rose - Stonehymn (Inner Wound Recordings, ITALY, power metal)
Joy In Motion - Falling out EP (Independent, AUSTRALIA, electro pop)
Breakaway - The light that keeps me awake (Independent, AUSTRALIA, pop / rock)
Danzig - Black laden crown (Nuclear Blast Records, USA, heavy metal)

June 2
Wednesday 13 - Condolences (Nuclear Blast Records, USA, gothic metal)
Larry Coryell´s 11th House - Seven secrets (Savoy Jazz Records, USA, fusion)
All Time Low - Last young renegade (Fueled By Ramen Records, USA, pop / punk)
Coldplay - Kaleidoscope (Parlophone Records, U.K, alternative pop)
Seven Day Sleep - A home for disgusting fairies EP (Independent, USA, hard rock)
The Amazons - The Amazons (Fiction Records, U.K, pop / rock)
Injected - The truth about you (Slush Fund Records, USA, modern rock)
Adrenaline Mob - We the people (Century Media Records, USA, alternative metal)
U2 - The Joshua Tree Super Deluxe (Island Records, IRELAND, rock)
Mean Streak - Blind faith (Rock of Angels Records, SWEDEN, heavy metal)
Secret Sphere - The nature of time (Frontiers Records, ITALY, melodic metal)
Radiation Romeos - Radiation Romeos (Frontiers Records, USA, hard rock)
The Ferrymen - The Ferrymen (Frontiers Records, SWEDEN / CHILE, hard rock)
Jorn - Life on death road (Frontiers Records, NORWAY, hard rock)
Primal Fear - Angels of mercy, Live in Germany (Frontiers Records, GERMANY, heavy metal)
DGM - Passing stages (Frontiers Records, ITALY, progressive metal)
Eighteen Visions - XVIII (Rise Records, USA, alternative metal)
Roger Waters - Is this the life we really want? (Columbia Records, U.K, progressive rock)
June 9
Nickelback - Feed the machine (Republic Records, CANADA, modern rock)
Volumes - Different animals (Fearless Records, USA, metalcore)
Adelitas Way - Notorius (PledgeMusic, USA, hard rock)
The Birthday Massacre - Under your spell (Metropolis Records, CANADA, gothic rock)
Anathema - The Optimist (Kscope Records, U.K, progressive rock)
Jibe - Epic tales of human nature (Independent, USA, hard rock)
Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie - Lindsey Buckingham / Christine McVie (Atlantic Records, USA, pop / rock)
Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind 20th anniversary (Independent, USA, modern rock)
Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow - Live in Birmingham (Eagle Rock Entertainment, U.K, hard rock)
Rise Against - Wolves (Virgin Records, USA, punk rock)
June 16
Night Drive - Night Drive (Roll Call Records, USA, electro pop)
Royal Blood - How did we get so dark? (Warner Bros, U.K, rock)
Styx - The Mission (Styx, USA, progressive rock)
June 23
The Chain Gang of 1974 - Felt (Independent, USA, electro pop)
311 - Mosaic (BMG, USA, modern rock)

July 7
Riverdogs - California (Frontiers Records, USA, rock)
July 14
Edguy - Monuments (Nuclear Blast Records, GERMANY, power metal)

August 4
Accept - The rise of chaos (Nuclear Blast Records, GERMANY, heavy metal)
September 8
Sparks - Hippopotamus (Lil´ Beethoven Music, USA, art pop)
Cheap Trick - TBA
The Killers - TBA (5th studio album)
Thirty Seconds To Mars - TBA (5th studio album)
Imagine Dragons - TBA (3rd studio album from the American stadium pop band)
Nothing More - TBA
Toto - 40th anniversary album
Komox - Geminidentity (first full length album)
Threshold - The legend of the shires (11th studio album from the British progmetal masters)
Les Friction - TBA (2nd studio album from Evan Frankfort´s epic rock project)
Yes featuring Jon Anderson, Trevor Rabin and Rick Wakeman

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