Thursday, May 4, 2017

Lost Gems : Sign - The Hope

In 2007, the Icelandic band Sign released their 4th studio album "The Hope" on R&R Music/IC Records, it´s self produced and their second album in English.
We´re talking big and melancholic riff rock that bring thoughts to Span and Khoma.
This alternative metal band is not to be confused with the melodic rock band The Sign featuring Terry Brock that was signed to Frontiers Records.
Sign from Iceland formed in 2001 and has had various line up´s but the members on "The Hope" are Ragnar Zolberg Rafnsson - Lead Vocals/Guitars/Bass, Arnor A.D Gretarsson - Guitars and Egill Örn Rafnsson - Drums.
The band released another album in 2013 called "Hermd", co-produced by Daniel Bergstrand (In Flames) only available in Iceland.
Stream "The Hope" here.

The Hope
1.Dancing in
3.Hold me alive
4.All gone
5.Beautiful / depressing
6.The hope
8.Immobilized by fear
9.The lonely boy
10.The lost way of self remedy

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