Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review : Born Cages - Exit signs in a burning building

Born Cages - Exit signs in a burning building (2017) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Vlad Holiday
Tracks : 1.Champions 2.Ain´t gonna happen 3.Half asleep 4.Please be crazy 5.Suicide note in a pop song 6.Free fall 7.Could´ve done it better before
4 out of 5

The NYC based band Born Cages started out as a 4-piece but is reduced to a duo on the new EP "Exit signs in a burning building", but the main songwriters are still the leading force in Born Cages, namely Vlad Holiday - Vocals/Guitar and Matt Maroulakos - Bass/Keyboards.
Their debut album "I´m glad I´m not me" ended up on my top album list of 2015 so it´s only fair that I have high expectations on the new EP, Born Cages trademark is 80´s synthesizers in a modern package which they haven´t moved away from to my joy.
The 2016 single "Ain´t Gonna Happen" is included along with 6 brand new songs, "Ain´t gonna happen" is one of the highlights along with the opening track "Champions" that sounds like Imagine Dragons meets The Killers.
The song "Our revolution" that was featured on the Transformers Roll Out compilation (2016) isn´t included here but I don´t miss it since the rest of the songs are so good.
The guitar riff on "Free fall" reminds a bit of Michael Jackson´s Black and White but it´s only charming, I don´t think Michael Jackson would mind from his place above.
This is a great EP.

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