Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Quickbits : Roshambo, Message From Sylvia, Pete Lynch

Roshambo - Bombastica (2016) Not so bombastic but oh so emotional
Roshambo is another name for the game "rock-paper-scissors" but it´s also the name of an indie pop band from Karlskoga, Sweden, just 40km from where I live.
Their new 4 track EP "Bombastica" is so good that it hurts, I think it´s time to bring out the champagne and celebrate because how often do you get to hear such talented bands in your local area?!
With songs like "Dog eyes" and "High", they should be playing MTV awards and big festivals in England. Mark my words, this EP is the start of something big.
Swedish melancholy meets Chinese folkmusic in the irreristable "Home", why buy a ticket to Beijing when you can get there with Roshambo´s music.
All in all, here´s a new hope on the Swedish indie scene.
For fans of Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire, Interpol
(+) Everything about this band really.
(-) Only 4 tracks sucks, give me a full length album now.

Message From Sylvia - Message From Sylvia (2017) Perfect for active rock standards
In a politically correct world, let´s say sometime in a near future, music groups of 4 persons consists of 2 men and 2 women with a multicultural background to make politicians and journalists happy.
In a time like that, the art of music will be of secondary importance. Scary eh?
For me, the art of music comes before anything else and I don´t really care if the band consists of 4 white guys, 4 women, 4 jews, 4 black or 4 homosexuals.
In this day age, the art of music is worth fighting for so here´s a message from the band Message From Sylvia. They´re 4 guys doing what they love doing best, playing rock and roll that feels dangerous and therefore, has no place in a politically correct world, but definitely a place in our "not so perfect world".
The band is Matthew Nevitt (DoryDrive) - Lead Vocals and the Lopez-Smith brothers, Dane - Lead Guitar, Isaac - Bass and Zachary - Drums (all formerly of First Decree).
Their self-titled debut features the singles "Heart of war" and "Right here and now" and it´s produced by Sahaj Ticotin (Ra), especially the track "Heart of war" is reminiscent of Sahaj´s band Ra.
Otherwise, this strong album has more in common with bands like Breaking Benjamin and Nothing More. There are a lot of muscles in their riffs and the band let the adrenaline flow in their glowing performance throughout the entire album.
(+) The song Crystal Ball, that one is gigantic.
(-) Ok, I admit that they will hardly receive an award for being unique but it´s not a big deal.

Pete Lynch - Kill The Monster (2017) A monster of an album
Let me present a contender for my top album list of 2017, "Kill the monster" by Pete Lynch.
I can´t stop listening to this lovely album, imagine a blend of Aussie rock, Canadian prog and the thinking man´s pop and you´ll get "Kill the monster".
The first single "Till the rivers run dry" is a brilliant arena rock song, this song as well as other songs on the album reminds a bit of artists like Gowan, Matthew Good and Blue October.
The title track and "Where are you" are two other favorites from Pete Lynch´s second album that is mixed by Tim Palmer (Ozzy, Pearl Jam) so we´re not talking low-budget production here.
Any Hi-Fi nerd should be satisfied with the big sound of "Kill the monster", I especially like the warm sound of the drums.
Pete Lynch is joined by Markus Gartner - Guitars and Sascha Bem - Drums, there is also a guest performance from Simon Hinkler (The Mission) on the track "4140".
(+) Any artist that has toured with Nina Hagen has great taste in music and so has Pete Lynch.
(-) If only mainstream radio could skip playing mass-produced pop and instead put "Kill the monster" on the airwaves so people can find out that quality comes before quantity.

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