Monday, April 10, 2017

Album Spotlight : Elyne - Alibi

"Alibi", the new album of alternative metal band Elyne is finally out via White Tower Records in digital and physical edition!
Their frontman Daniele Faccani says: "Alibi represent at 100% what we are today. Is most hard and best album we've ever made till we exist. Lyrics and music talk for us. This album talk about the way of live of the people in the 2.0 age. All the songs got different stories but with a concept that still under all the lines talking about how many people live they're life wearing a mask, living just for appear hiding who we really are, and sometimes with shame. The message we want to share with this album is this, leave the mask, don't like to ourselves and be ourselves".
Elyne is a post-hardcore band formed in Italy in January 2013. They released their first EP, “Syncretism” that year and toured Italy playing many venues. Elyne released their first Album “What Burns Inside” in September 2014. That CD was a hit, salling over 1200 copies throughout Europe. Following the Album release, Elyne toured Europe and shared the stage with many bands including Architechts, Destrage, Chelsea Grin, Being As An Ocean, Silverstein and many more. They have been very active on tour from 2014 to the present, playing over 120 concert events and music festivals.

Tracklisting : 1.O.B.E 2.Empty mirrors 3.Demons 4.From within 5.White light, black rain 6.Breathless 7.Broken faith 8.Wrong nature 9.Sick 10.Frames

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