Thursday, March 9, 2017

Review : White Willow - Future Hopes

White Willow - Future Hopes (2017) Laser´s Edge Group
Produced by Jacob Holm-Lupo
Tracks : 1.Future hopes 2.Silver and gold 3.In dim days 4.When there was sea, there is abyss 5.A scarred view 6.Animal magnetism (bonus track) 7.Damnation valley (bonus track)
3,5 out of 5

The Norwegian band White Willow is in no hurry releasing new albums, "Future hopes" is their first album since "Terminal twilight" from 2011 so they do take their time and makes sure everything falls into place before rushing into something they would possibly regret.
White Willow started out as a folk-rock band in the mid 90´s and there are traces of folk music in their sound even thirty years later, but not much.
I liked their previous album too and even if they´re still in the land of progressive rock on "Future hopes", I do think the new record is a bit different but still very good.
Soundwise, "Future hopes" can be described as old school prog a la Eloy with the electronic sounds of Tangerine Dream and Nordic melancholy pop, so they´re quite unique.
The first time I listened to this album I didn´t notice that "Animal magnetism" was a cover of the classic song by Scorpions, but now I know and I must say that it´s an unsual version that Klaus Meine and Co surely would appreciate.
The artwork by Roger Dean kinda completes this package of fairytale-like prog.
Hats off for Venke Knutson - Vocals, Jacob Holm-Lupo-Guitars/Keyboards/Backing vocals, Mattias Olson - Drums, Lars Fredrik Froislie - Synthesizers/Keyboards, Ellen Andrea Wang - Bass and Ketil Einarsen - Flute.

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