Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Quickbits : White Lies, AFI, Acceptance

White Lies - Friends (2016) Presenting a more synth-driven sound
The 80´s, ah the 80´s. I remember when I wanted the same haircut as Simon Le Bon in Duran Duran and stopped playing in a rock band just to be the bassplayer in a new romantic band. We had the same kind of clothes as bands like Classix Nouveaux, A Flock of Seagulls and Duran Duran.
Me and my friends in that band listened mostly to synth-pop and an album like "Friends" by White Lies would´ve been a favorite back then, I still like this kind of music and I do get nostalgic with a trip down memory lane but I don´t get equally thrilled today as I when was a teenager.
(+) Music like this only brings back great memories of the happy 80´s.
(-) The deluxe version contains 4 bonus tracks but don´t bother, they are merely album fillers.

AFI - AFI The Blood Album (2017) Say hello to album no.10 from A Fire Inside
This is AFI´s first album since "Burials" (2013) but singer Davey Havok and guitarist Jade Puget haven´t been lazy during this time, they released the album "Material" with synth-pop band Blaqk Audio in 2016 and Havok is also working on the debut album with Dreamcar (out later this year) that features three members of No Doubt.
AFI has recorded 14 tracks which feels like there are a few too many, I think they could´ve reduced it to an EP of 7-8 tracks because there are some mediocre moments on "The blood album".
They are true to their mish-mash sound of goth-rock, emo and post-hardcore but this album won´t go down in history as a milestone of their discography.
I can´t help but feeling a bit disappointed, AFI can do better.
(+) The Ramones-like "Dumb kids" is really cool.
(-) I´m not too happy about the weak production.

Acceptance - Colliding by design (2017) An unexpected comeback
I don´t think it was possible to make a bet on whether or not Acceptance would return, the odds would´ve been rather high for such a surprising comeback since they only released one album in 2005 entitled "Phantoms".
It was hardly a bestseller and the band parted ways in 2006, during the split the bandmembers played with artists such as Anberlin, Search/Rescue and Andy Mineo.
However in 2015, a decade later, Acceptance reunited and released the first song in ten years with "Take you away" but it´s not included on the new album "Colliding by design".
The sophomore album contains 11 new origĂ­nal songs by Jason Vena - Vocals, Kaylan Cloyd - Guitars, Ryan Zwiefelhofer - Bass, Christian McAlhaney - Guitars and Garrett Lunceford - Drums.
Everybody except Garrett Lunceford played on the first album, it was Nick Radovanovic who was the drummer on "Phantoms".
Soundwise, "Colliding by design" is less pop/punk-ish and instead the music is more like a blend of The Panic Division and Tears For Fears. With an atmospheric soundscape and U2-like guitars, Acceptance has grown into a completely different beast.
(+) Let this album grow on you and you will be totally sold.
(-) Fans that expect Phantoms 2.0 might be disappointed.

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