Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Quickbits : Island, Creye, Circa Waves

Island - A Place Like You (2017) Guitars with delay that will stick around until the next release
Time for some romantic rock from London, U.K, the band Island debuted with the "Girl" EP in 2015 featuring the minor hit song "Stargazer" and now releases their 2nd EP "A place like you".
These guys play a slower form of indie rock that makes me think of the Nordic Sea, a sense of Scandinavian melancholy lies over these 4 tracks.
Lead singer Rollo Doherty has a voice that would work just fine in emo music, he sure sounds passionate when he´s singing.
I think it´s a decent 4 EP where the opener "Waves" stand out, but this music can be both right and wrong depending on the mood you´re in.
(+) At times, Island reminds a bit of modern version of The Cure.
(-) This ain´t exactly what you choose when you want to get the party started.

Creye - Straight to the top (2017) Music for Karate Kid and Top Gun
"Straight to the top" is the debut EP from Swedish band Creye, led by guitarist Andreas Gullberg (Grand Slam) and fronted by Alexander Strandell (Art Nation).
Inspired by the synthwave movement and 80´s AOR, this band has made a promising start but it´s a shame that the EP only consists of 2 original songs and a cover of Robert Tepper´s Rocky IV anthem "No easy way out".
Lately, we´ve seen cover versions of this AOR classic from bands like Bullet For My Valentine and Platens, so do we really need another one? You can´t beat the original version no matter how hard you try.
Fans of Houston and Brother Firetribe are in for a treat without doubt.
(+) The band´s own two songs "Straight to the top" and "Never too late" are very good.
(-) Up with the keyboards! I wouldn´t mind a more synth-driven sound on their next release.

Circa Waves - Different Creatures (2017) From the streets of the Fab Four
You´ll never walk alone in Liverpool, the rock and roll capital of England. This city has a fine tradition of musical greatness with artists like The Beatles, A Flock of Seagulls, Frankie Goes To Hollywood and Echo and The Bunnymen so Circa Waves are in good company.
We´re dealing with upbeat Brit rock here on their 2nd album "Different creatures" which is the follow up to their Top 10 debut "Young chasers" from 2015.
Imagine a blend of Manic Street Preachers and Feeder and you´ll get Circa Waves. I often confuse them with other bands that are named Circa like Circa Survive, Circa Zero and the prog-rock band Circa.
But I think I´m getting the hang of it now, Circa Waves doesn´t sound anything at all like others so there shouldn´t be a problem.
And by the way, this is a great record.
(+) The album opens in a smashing way with "Wake up" and "Fire that burns".
(-) The track "Old friends" is more suitable on a Franz Ferdinand or Arcade Fire record.

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