Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Review : The Mute Gods - Tardigrades will inherit the Earth

The Mute Gods - Tardigrades will inherit the Earth (2017) Inside Out Music
Produced by Roger King
Tracks : 1.Saltatio Mortis 2.Animal army 3.We can´t carry on 4.The dumbing of the stupid 5.Early warning 6.Tardigrades will inherit the Earth 7.Window onto the sun 8.Lament 9.The singing fish of Batticaloa 10.Hallelujah 11.The Andromeda Strain 12.Stranger than fiction
4 out of 5

People are calling me a fossil because I´m holding on to CD´s, and since vinyl has become trendy again and everybody else rather stick to streaming services, they don´t understand why I don´t do like all the rest. That´s just the reason why, I´m neither a Spotify or iTunes guy, I want the real thing and compared to vinyl, I must say that CD´s are much cheaper and still sound great.
There´s something I can´t explain when it comes to buying a new CD with a band that I dig and then put it in my record collection right next to the other ones with the same band. It´s a special feeling and I really felt like a kid when I received the new album from The Mute Gods.
This is not a one-album-band, this trio that is led by Nick Beggs - Vocals/Bass/Guitar/Keyboards, will have an easier time going out on tour with two albums to pick songs from.
"Tardigrades will inherit the Earth" is darker than the debut "Do nothing till you hear from me" but I do recognize the significant sound of The Mute Gods with Roger King´s production which is his area of expertise, not to mention Marco Minnemann´s drumplaying that makes The Mute Gods one of the most profound bands in modern prog.
It´s very cool that Nick Beggs´ vocalperformance is reminiscent of Jim Gilmour of Saga in songs like "Stranger than fiction" and "The singing fish of Batticaloa".
Prog is very much alive!
Highlights : We can´t carry on, Tardigrades will inherit the Earth, Stranger than fiction

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