Thursday, February 9, 2017

Review : Pride of Lions - Fearless

Pride of Lions - Fearless (2017) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jim Peterik
Tracks : 1.All I see is you 2.The tell 3.In caricature 4.Silent music 5.Fearless 6.Everlasting love 7.Freedom of the night 8.The light in your eyes 9.Rising up 10.The silence says it all 11.Faster than a prayer 12.Unmasking the mystery
3 out of 5

I have all the respect for Jim Peterik that won´t stop writing AOR music even though he knows that the new songs have zero chance of becoming hits like "Eye of the tiger" or "Burning heart".
It´s his passion and as long as Peterik still loves it, he will continue until the fat lady sings and there is no sign of the opera lady yet.
In 2015, Peterik teamed up with Mark Scherer and released the "Risk everything" album that is like a twin sister to Pride of Lions. But this time around, fans get to hear Toby Hitchcock sing again on the 5th studio album "Fearless".
There ain´t much to say about "Fearless" except it´s a typical Pride of Lions album, we´re talking well-crafted AOR that bring thoughts to 80´s soundtrack and musical. There aren´t any surprises so to speak.
It´s a solid album but it´s not as good as the 2012 album "Immortal" which is their best album to date.
The best songs on "Fearless" are the Shooting Star-like "All I see is you", the hearty "In caricature" and "Rising up" in top quality Survivor style.
The AOR community is rather small today but the fans are loyal so I guess Pride of Lions will sell a few thousand copies and like I said, the new record ain´t bad.

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