Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review : The Magnifiers - For the people

The Magnifiers - For the people (2017) Independent
Produced by Vanessa Silberman
Tracks : 1.Mostly harmless 2.TV hat 3.Anarchy sucks 4.Transfiguration
3 out of 5

What do we got here then? Four young kids that are rather fed up with how adults are behaving in the world today so they wrote a few songs about it, and I must say that there are some thoughtful lyrics on their new EP "For the people".
The Magnifiers is a band based in Chicago featuring Elliot Dombrowski (17) - Lead guitar, Eden Dombrowski (15) - Lead vocals, guitar, Eliza Dombrowski (12) - Bass and Everett Dombrowski (10) - Drums.
The music is a blend of garage rock, pop and new wave. Soundwise, not that far from L7 and The Donnas.
Just like Hanson, this band started at a really young age and even if they don´t have that "Mmmmbop" hit. I see other similarities between these bands, The Magnifiers have a lot of potential and remember how good Hanson turned out to be.
Give The Magnifiers a few more years and we will see a band grow like the beanstalk in the old English fairy tale. I can´t stop humming on the chorus in "Anarchy sucks".

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