Friday, February 10, 2017

Review : The Favorite Things - Coming clean

The Favorite Things - Coming clean (2016) Independent
Produced by Jaqcues Wait
Tracks : 1.Coming clean 2.Ashes 3.First time 4.What´s so funny 5.Friday night in Tennessee 6.In the summer 7.Sunny day 8.Blow a zero 9.With you
3 out of 5

Put away your computer, forget about digital recording tools, bring out a drumkit, a bass, a couple of guitars, a few amplifiers and a PA. That´s how you start a rock band and it´s ok to suck, one of those days your band will write some good shit and start sounding cool.
Four guys from Minneapolis joined forces and formed The Favorite Things in 2014, they did it just the way I think it should´ve been done. They started a rock band.
Their name is taken from one of their biggest song writing and musical influences - The Replacements and their song "Favorite thing". Their debut album "Coming clean" is a garage pop affair with a blend of 60´s pop and 90´s rock, it´s a very charming record I must add.
The title track opens the album and my thoughts go to R.E.M meets Neil Young, the music is uplifting and positive throughout all 9 tracks where heroes like Ray Davies (The Kinks) and Billy Corgan (The Smashing Pumpkins) comes to mind.
Except the tracks "In the summer" and "Sunny day" that both sounds like a new wave version of The Beach Boys, so you see - it´s hard not to like this band.

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