Friday, February 10, 2017

Review : Eve To Adam - Odyssey

Eve To Adam - Odyssey (2017) Rocktagon Worldwide Music
Produced by Michael Elvis Baskette / Zardonic
Tracks : 1.Altitude 2.Tongue tied 3.Undertow 4.The price 5.Emergency 6.Landfill 7.Lucky 8.Chasing ghosts 9.Hurt me 10.Day drinkin´
3,5 out of 5

There´s a change of sound in New York City rockers Eve To Adam´s 5th album "Odyssey", it´s almost industrial but electronic metal is perhaps a more suitable way to describe their new album.
I couldn´t hear the signs of this new direction in the singles "Lucky" and "Tongue tied" but after a few spins of the entire record, I must say that they´re closer to Static-X than Adelitas Way on "Odyssey".
Original guitarist Gaurav Bali left the band in 2015 and moved to Nashville so the Sassaris brothers Taki - Lead vocals and Alex - Drums are now the only founding members in the band.
In the new line-up we find the guitarists Markus Wells and Matt Spaker, they are definitely an important part of this new style that some fans might have a hard time to handle.
I welcome the synth/guitar driven riffs, the opening track "Altitude" is perfect to get the adrenaline running at the gym and songs like "The price" and "Emergency" are nothing but modern hard rock size XL.
The band is just as heavy as Black Sabbath and KoRn in "Undertow", that riff is like a gift from above. I look like the Joker with the smile stuck on my face.
Eve To Adam, thank you!

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