Saturday, February 18, 2017

Review : Cost of Attrition - There you go

Cost of Attrition - There you go (2016) Independent
Produced by Cost of Attrition
Tracks : 1.Not your psycho 2.Oh yeah 3.There you go
2 out of 5

Here´s a duo that sounds like they could use some help with the production because their new EP feels more like a demo than an official studio product.
Cost of Attrition is Wheeler Castenada - Vocals and Joshua Grow - Instruments, for a few years they tried a variety of musical genres like post-hardcore, metal, electronica and pop before they found their sound that can be heard on these three tracks on "There you go".
The music bring thoughts to The Offspring and I´m not really too impressed with these songs but I know how many fans The Offspring have, so I shouldn´t burst the balloon for Cost of Attrition because I might end up eating my old shoes if I say they don´t have a future as a band.
It just wasn´t my cup of tea.

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