Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Quickbits : Blackfield, Def Leppard, Blacktop Mojo

Blackfield - V (2017) A moment of hope
In this day and age, we live with too much information and negative news that is stealing energy from the soul and mind. We are told by media everyday that we should eat right and be more active, making it a stressful situation for any human.
I think the other way around, that we should find tranquility in the everyday life. To do nothing or just go for a long walk is enough to find peace of mind, try to switch off your cell phone and enjoy the silence.
Or why not listen to beautiful music, that´s where Blackfield´s 5th album simply called V comes in. First of all, thank god for the classic album length of 44 minutes, just like vinyls back in the old days instead of today´s average cd length of 70 minutes.
Secondly, Aviv Geffen and Steven Wilson makes album music, not singles. So this is one piece of magic music filling my entire body of a natural calm.
Thank you.
(+) I am so glad to see Alan Parsons as the producer behind 3 tracks on the album.
(-) It´s rather frustrating to look for tourdates in Sweden of this band with nothing on the horizon.

Def Leppard - And there will be a next time, Live from Detroit (2017) The rock brigade is here
During the 2016 tour, fans, friends and roadcrew told the members in Def Leppard that they had never sounded better so they felt an urge to document it for a live release and here it is.
Recorded in the motor city of Detroit and available on CD and DVD, the lads from Sheffield, England deliver their 3rd live album "And there will be a next time...".
While I do think that "Mirror ball" from 2011 and "Viva" Hysteria" from 2013 are both great live albums, I feel that the "Live from Detroit" is a first class ticket to their finest moments in a 40 year long career.
Not only do they play ultimate classics from "Pyromania" and "Hysteria", but the band also rock hard with 3 songs from my personal favorite album "High´n´dry".
Like that wasn´t enough, Leppard gives the crowd a dose of their latest self titled album with amazing songs like "Let´s go", "Dangerous" and "Man enough".
(+) Joe Elliot is on top of his game with those vocal chords.
(-) I really don´t get the band´s hype of the David Essex cover "Rock on", it´s not that good.

Blacktop Mojo - Burn the ships (2017) Southern hard rock on the menu
In 2014, Texas based Blacktop Mojo released a solid debut with "I am" and this year, they return with the bigger and stronger sophomore record "Burn the ships".
The band is tighter, heavier and deliver more groovy riffs on the new album. The song "Pyromaniac" is the best choice for a single release with a great intro that builds up to a macho-chorus.
The title track "Burn the ships" is classic hard rock at it´s best, with songs like this one the band will kick ass on stage. Another favorite is "8000 lines" that is beautifully arranged with perfect instrumentation.
For fans of Black Stone Cherry and Shinedown.
(+) Many have tried to cover Aerosmith´s "Dream on" but few can match the original, however Blacktop Mojo´s version is impressive.
(-) A few more upbeat songs wouldn´t hurt because the major part of the album goes by the same bpm.

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