Saturday, January 21, 2017

Review : Wild Domestic - Singular

Wild Domestic - Singular (2017) Independent
Produced by Mike Pepe
Tracks : 1.Left, right 2.New year, new me 3.Author 4.Headlights 5.Overjoyed 6.Firewall 7.Senses 8.Right, left
3 out of 5

Wild Domestic is Matt Carlson´s first solo project, he was born in Paraguay and moved to North Carolina, U.S when he was 6 months old and that's his home to this day.
Matt is influenced by artists like My Chemical Romance, Arcade Fire and Talking Heads. But there are other artists that comes to mind when I listen to his 2nd EP "Singular".
If you take the modern rock of Black Lab and mix it with the Britpop of Manic Street Preachers, not to forget a slice of pop / punk a la SR 71. You're gonna get Wild Domestic.
I like this EP and especially the song "Headlights" is really good.
A job well done.

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