Thursday, January 12, 2017

Review : Jack Russell´s Great White - He saw it comin´

Jack Russell´s Great White - He saw it comin´ (2017) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jack Russell
Tracks : 1.Sign of the times 2.She moves me 3.Crazy 4.Love don´t live here 5.My addiction 6.Anything for you 7.He saw it coming 8.Don´t let me go 9.Spy vs Spy 10.Blame it on the night 11.Godspeed
3 out of 5

Jack Russell is truly a terrier of rock and roll, he just can´t lay on the sofa and enjoy the money from the success of Great White´s popular albums "Once bitten" (1987) and "Twice shy" (1989) selling over 8 million copies worldwide.
He is a workaholic and lives by the motto "No-Sleep-Till-Hammersmith" so after the split with his former band, Jack welcomed his old friend Tony Montana to his new band and they started making plans for a new record.
Montana was a member of GW between 1987-1992 and played on two albums along with Jack Russell. So, now there are 2 versions of GW, this one with original singer Jack Russell and Tony Montana.
Then there´s the official Great White with the founding member Mark Kendall behind the steering wheel, adding GW to other bands with 2 different line-ups active at the same time such as Wishbone Ash, L.A Guns, Barclay James Harvest, Saxon, E.L.O, Nazareth, The Sweet and Queensryche.
"He saw it comin´" is the first album from Jack Russell´s Great White and it sounds like a blend of the hard rock style of Great White and the boogie rock sound of Foghat in a modern approach, I really wasn´t expecting this kind of album but I like it.
The title track bring thoughts to Queen which is a fave of mine, but the rest of the album is more laid back classic rock that will fit just perfectly on a lazy sunday afternoon but not for the saturday night´s party.

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