Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review : Deaf Havana - All these countless nights

Deaf Havana - All these countless nights (2017) So Recordings
Produced by Adam Noble
Tracks : 1.Ashes, ashes 2.Trigger 3.L.O.V.E 4.Happiness 5.Fever 6.Like a ghost 7.Pretty low 8.England 9.Seattle 10.St.Paul´s 11.Sing 12.Pensacola, 2013
4 out of 5

"All these countless nights" is the first album from English rock band Deaf Havana since "Old souls" (2013), now they´re back on a new label, with a new lead guitarist and new energy.
The new album sounds like a collaboration between Rick Springfield and Foo Fighters if the guys had spent an entire weekend listening to Bruce Springsteen, and then wrote a bunch of songs.
If "Old souls" opened my eyes for this band, then "All these countless nights" truly makes me a real fan because these songs aren´t only great from start to finish, the music feels alive and touches my heart very deep.
But it was close that the band called it quits in 2014, the group were experiencing a lack of communication that almost tore them apart, frontman Veck-Gilodi planned to use the band´s 2014 Reading and Leeds performance to act as it´s final swansong.
However, some sideshows reminded him of how much he, and Deaf Havana´s fanbase - depended on the band, so a sudden burst of inspired songwriting followed which resulted in the band´s best effort so far including the smash singles : "Sing", "Fever" and "Trigger".
Put away your smartphone, sit back and relax and enjoy the awesome track "St.Paul´s". I promise it´s worth every second of your time.

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