Sunday, January 1, 2017

Quickbits : Deathless Legacy, The Funeral Portrait, Machinae Supremacy

Deathless Legacy - Dance with devils (2017) Horror for the kids
"Dance with devils" is the 3rd album from Deathless Legacy, a horror metal band from Italy. Among their influences we find Mercyful Fate, Paradise Lost and Angel Witch but in my ears they sound more like a mix between Skyclad meets Ghost with a touch of Demon.
So far, so good.
There are traces of folk-metal and even symphonic elements in their new album and these Italians are without doubt great musicians but since it´s all about the songs, I can´t hear enough memorable songs on "Dance with devils".
I tried to get into the music but I only feel all empty inside, listening to this album to feel fear of the dark is like wanting an espresso to get a kick and all you get is a decaf without the caffeine kick to follow.
(+) The Ghost-like track "Join the sabbath" is good.
(-) I don´t get the feeling that their singer Steva believes in the words she´s singing.

The Funeral Portrait - A moment of silence (2016) Second coming from the city of the walking dead
Atlanta, Georgia is a city widely known for being featured in AMC´s horror/drama television series The Walking Dead but it´s also the hometown for the boys in The Funeral Portrait.
There isn´t much horror in their music but there is way more drama, one can describe their sound as a mish-mash of theatrical rock and post-hardcore.
The new album "A moment of silence" is good but it doesn´t reach the same high level as the brilliant debut EP "For the dearly departed" from 2014.
Think early My Chemical Romance meets Crown The Empire and you´ll get the "A moment of silence", the tracks "Appeal to reason" and "Like father like son" are both fantastic so I wish they could´ve written some more of the same calibre.
But it´s far from a bad album.
(+) Theyré crazy and wonderful just like a Tim Burton film.
(-) Several songs soundalike which is a shame.

Machinae Supremacy - Into the night world (2016) Video game-inspired metal from Sweden
Head into the arcade and enjoy the sounds from all the machines and computer screens, why not add some 80´s heavy metal and art-prog and you´ll get the 6th album from Machinae Supremacy.
I listened to this band on "Redeemer" (2006) and "Overworld" (2008) and liked them but kinda lost track of the albums that followed, you just can´t listen to every single release out there.
I know that former drummer Tomas Nilsen left the band in 2009 and is now playing with Finnish metal band Frostlit, he was replaced by Niklas Karvonen.
"Into the night world" is the follow-up to the 2014 album "Phantom shadow" and I am enjoying what I hear on these 10 songs, I get the feeling singer Robert Stjarnstrom has been listening to Swedish prog band A.C.T because some melodies are so very A.C.T-ish.
Worth noticing is that their early releases are available as free download at their website.
(+) Give them a diploma for being unique and original.
(-) I am asking myself if there´s a future for this style of metal?

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