Sunday, April 23, 2017

Review : Cranford Hollow - Color / Sound / Renew / Revive

Cranford Hollow - Color / Sound / Renew / Revive (2017) Independent
Produced by John Cranford / Preston Havill
Tracks : 1.Songfield 2.Long shadows 3.Bury it down 4.Noise 5.And your, Brutis 6.North 7.Dark turns 8.Swing
3 out of 5

Feel like taking a long ride in the car? Well then, here´s some perfect music for the road trip.
The South Carolina based Cranford Hollow call their music lowcountry stomp, they´ve got quite a unique sound that I would like to call chill rock.
Their 5th album "Color/Sound/Renew/Revive" invites the listener to a smorgasbord of southern rock, blues, Americana and even celtic sounds.
The band is fronted by John Cranford - Lead Vocals/Keyboards/Guitar and he is joined by Phillip Sermans - Bass, Randy Rockalotta - Drums, Eric Reid - Fiddle, Yannie Reynecke - Lead Guitar.
I think they´ve done a good album where my personal faves are the Zucchero-like "And Your, Brutis" and the instrumental "Dark turns" that sounds like a laid back tune by Kansas.
For fans of The Allman Brothers, Nils Lofgren, Joe Cocker

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Review : Donoma - Falling forward

Donoma - Falling Forward (2017) Independent
Produced by Mike Hoffman
Tracks : 1.Sick 2.Jack in the box 3.Memory 4.A change is gonna come 5.He loves me not 6.Deep beneath the woods 7.Another light 8.Splinter 9.Unfortunate one 10.A new shed of colors 11.Otherside 12.Come with me
2,5 out of 5

Donoma (pronounced Do-no-ma) is native American Omaha origin and means "sight of the sun" and is generally used as a girl´s name, but it´s also a rock band from Wisconsin, formed in 2008.
There is also a pop band from Marseille, France with the same name but let´s not confuse things.
"Falling forward" is the second release from this female fronted rock band that consists of Stephanie Vogt - Lead Vocals, Israel Alpizar - Drums, Nick Campolo - Violin, Shelle Mounce - Bass and Timmy King - Guitars.
So what do they sound like? Well, imagine a punk-ish version of Jefferson Airplane mixed with the 90´s rock of 4 Non Blondes if they were the backing band in Rocky Horror Picture Show, and you´ll get Donoma´s new album "Falling forward".
There are songs that will take you back to Woodstock in 1969 and the voice of Janis Joplin, while other songs belong in a sweaty punk rock club in London, 1977.
I can´t say that I´m a fan of the entire album but I do like some of the songs like "Memory", "Sick" and "Come with me".

Review : Chris Bartels - Myths and Mold

Chris Bartels - Myths and Mold (2017) Anthem Falls Music
Produced by Chris Bartels
Tracks : 1.Blind 2.Missoula 3.Stay 4.Myths and mold 5.Counting hands
3,5 out of 5

Minnesota based artist Chris Bartels makes music that will take you to places, just close your eyes and wander away. "Myths and Mold" is the second official release under his own name, the debut "Morning´s gold" came out in 2011 but this is the first time I hear his beautiful songs.
Chris Bartels has a number of different projects of multiple styles such as Bora York, Elskavon, Hi-Fi Cali and Vitamin June but let´s focus on "Myths and Mold".
This 5 track EP is like the seasons of the year, it has the playfulness of spring, the warmth of summer, the colors of spring and the dramatic weather of winter.
I like all 5 songs but there are 3 songs that has a special place in my heart, the opening track "Blind" that bring thoughts to Of Monsters and Men, the atmospheric "Missoula" that should please fans of Death Cab For Cutie and the brilliant "Counting hands" that would fit just fine on any Mew record.
So where´s the "like-button" on this page, I´d like to click it several times.

Album Spotlight : Lana Change - Rise

LANE CHANGE is a rock quartet from Phoenix, Arizona. Led by a dual vocal powerhouse in Myles Vann and Lizzie Shafer, the band’s infectious guitar riffs, driving bass lines, and pounding grooves breathe new life into the rock genre. Straightforward lyrics are soulfully delivered, and their complex harmonies create a fresh yet familiar sound. Rounding out the line-up is guitarist Jake Galambos and drummer Cameron Holladay, blending a mix of influences into an exciting and eclectic musical journey.

LANE CHANGE recently released an independent, self-titled debut album in 2015. They recently released a follow up EP, “RISE”. “RISE” is a 4 song work that strongly showcases each member of the band and their individual contribution to the unit. “We utilized more production on this effort in an attempt to produce a fuller sound, but while still keeping it as live sounding as possible” admits Jake.
LANE CHANGE has performed nearly 200 shows for crowds of 50 to 10,000 people, and they have become one of the most in-demand and talked about acts in the Southwest United States. Audiences are not only buzzing about their musicianship and diversity, but also the energy and passion in which they deliver every performance. “No one ever leaves one of our shows without a feeling of W.T.F was that?” Cameron exclaimed. “We really believe that there is still a place in the industry for a kick butt rock and roll show with tasteful music and lyrics you can actually understand”.

The RISE EP is out now.
Tracklisting : 1.The rich get richer 2.Club 27 3.Floodwater 4.We won´t back down
Stream the EP at:

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Review : Dru Cutler - Hometown

Dru Cutler - Hometown (2017) Independent
Produced by Dru Cutler
Tracks : 1.Hometown 2.Infinite moons
3 out of 5

It´s hard to believe that Dru Cutler (Tampa, Florida) was a punkrocker in his youth when I listen to his new 2 track single "Hometown", the music on these two tracks is more heartland rock than punk, especially the title track that bring thoughts to Tom Petty.
It´s a good song but my favorite is the second track "Infinite moons" that sounds like it could´ve been featured on The Secret Life of Walter Mitty Soundtrack, it´s got the same atmosphere as "Heartbeats" by José Gonzalez (Junip). José wrote several songs for Ben Stiller´s 2013 film.
I really like the 60´s pop flavor in "Infinite moons" that puts me in a Spa mood, who needs yoga when you can listen to sensitive music like Dru Cutler´s meditative sounds?
Two good songs that leaves me wanting more.

Review : Born Cages - Exit signs in a burning building

Born Cages - Exit signs in a burning building (2017) Razor and Tie Records
Produced by Vlad Holiday
Tracks : 1.Champions 2.Ain´t gonna happen 3.Half asleep 4.Please be crazy 5.Suicide note in a pop song 6.Free fall 7.Could´ve done it better before
4 out of 5

The NYC based band Born Cages started out as a 4-piece but is reduced to a duo on the new EP "Exit signs in a burning building", but the main songwriters are still the leading force in Born Cages, namely Vlad Holiday - Vocals/Guitar and Matt Maroulakos - Bass/Keyboards.
Their debut album "I´m glad I´m not me" ended up on my top album list of 2015 so it´s only fair that I have high expectations on the new EP, Born Cages trademark is 80´s synthesizers in a modern package which they haven´t moved away from to my joy.
The 2016 single "Ain´t Gonna Happen" is included along with 6 brand new songs, "Ain´t gonna happen" is one of the highlights along with the opening track "Champions" that sounds like Imagine Dragons meets The Killers.
The song "Our revolution" that was featured on the Transformers Roll Out compilation (2016) isn´t included here but I don´t miss it since the rest of the songs are so good.
The guitar riff on "Free fall" reminds a bit of Michael Jackson´s Black and White but it´s only charming, I don´t think Michael Jackson would mind from his place above.
This is a great EP.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Rumours in the air and more

It´s been rather quiet around a new release from Snow Patrol since all the songs they had written for their 7th album in 2015 were scrapped. Snow Patrol´s latest album Fallen Empires came out in 2011 but it looks like a new album with new "mind-boggling" material will finally be out in 2017.

Heavy metal legends Accept will release their 15th album The Rise of Chaos on August 4th through Nuclear Blast Records.

Progrockers World Trade featuring Billy Sheerwood and Bruce Gowdy, returns with their first album since 1995, the new album is called Unify and will be out in July.

American hard rockers Mr.Big has a new album coming out this summer, it´s called Defying Gravity.

Last month, I decided to quit our band Blue Cow Kent for personal reasons. We are still friends and they will finish the upcoming album Even Stars Die without me.

In case you didn´t know, once in a while, I still write reviews for and recently posted reviews of Dismissed - Heads Held High and Rex Smith box set Rock and Roll Dream 1976-1983.
Read them at:

Saturday, April 15, 2017

Review : King Washington - Potential

King Washington - Potential (2017) The End Records
Produced by King Washington
Tracks : 1.My reflection 2.Superman 3.Interval 4.Evelyn 5.Love be gone 6.Hey boy 7.Nowhere´s hard to find 8.I wouldn´t laugh about it 9.The other side 10.Be where you belong 11.The great disguise 12.Interlude 13.New meaning 14.Climb out the valley
4 out of 5

Listening to King Washington´s new album "Potential" gets me all nostalgic and in an instant, head down on memory lane to remember the days in the 70´s when I jumped on a bike to ride 20 km to the nearest record store, just to buy the latest LP´s.
Tell that to a kid these days, how many who are willing to spend 2 hours on a bike to see if there´s any new great music to lay your hands on.....I think you know the answer.
Los Angeles based King Washington has a sound that bring thoughts to 70´s California pop, progressive rock and folk rock, I just love their superb vocal harmonies.
The band is Tyson Kelly - Vocals/Guitar (son of songwriting legend Tom Kelly), George Krikes - Vocals/Guitar, Billy Lee - Vocals/Bass and David Contreras - Drums.
They debuted with the "Grenadine" EP in 2009, that was followed by the full length "The Gears" (2012), "The Overload" (2013) and in May, their 3rd full length "Potential" comes out which is an album with a huge amount of potential.
For fans of Jars of Clay, Julian Lennon, The Eagles.
Highlights : My Reflection, Superman, New meaning

Friday, April 14, 2017

Review : The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely

The Maine - Lovely Little Lonely (2017) Eighty One Twenty Three Records
Produced by The Maine
Tracks : 1.Don´t come down 2.Bad behavior 3.Lovely 4.Black butterflies and Deja Vu 5.Taxi 6.Do you remember? 7.Little 8.The sound of reverie 9.Lost in nostalgia 10.I only wanna talk to you 11.Lonely 12.How do you feel?
3,5 out of 5

It´s no secret that the guys in The Maine has great taste in music since they´ve done covers of Def Leppard´s Pour Some Sugar On Me and New Radicals´ You Get What You Give in the past.
But one thing strikes me when I listen to their 6th album "Lovely Little Lonely", they must be fans of Third Eye Blind too because this album truly sounds a lot like 3EB´s first records which is really cool. I didn´t see that coming.
"Lovely Little Lonely" is an uplifting record that keeps me in a good mood several hours after I listened to it, there are plenty of great songs on their new album but the ones that I hold more dearly to my heart are "Bad behavior", "Don´t come down" and "How do you feel?".
"Black and white" from 2010 is still my favorite album with The Maine but "Lovely Little Lonely" is the second best.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Review : Soldiers Of A Wrong War - Countdowns

Soldiers Of A Wrong War - Countdowns (2017) Independent
Produced by Soldiers Of A Wrong War
Tracks : 1.Deep impact 2.Hit me 3.Through this wall 4.We will never fall 5.Clocks 6.Broken bones 7.In our skin again 8.Yeah 9.Milestone 10.Out of time
3 out of 5

"Countdowns" is the second full length album from Italian modern rock band Soldiers of a Wrong War, but it´s the first time I get to hear this band and I´m quite pleased with it too.
SOAWW was formed in 2007 and released their debut "Lights and Karma" in 2011, followed by the EP "Slow" in 2014, if you feel like checking out their back catalogue.
They blend post-grunge, pop punk and hard rock with a solid result, I think "Countdowns" is a good record without any real killer tracks but I also can´t find any album fillers so that makes it even.
I can hear traces of Trapt, Foo Fighters and Simple Plan in their music where my favorite songs are "Clocks", the single "Yeah" and "Through this wall".
Try to pronounce their name when you´re drunk, that should be fun.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Album Spotlight : Elyne - Alibi

"Alibi", the new album of alternative metal band Elyne is finally out via White Tower Records in digital and physical edition!
Their frontman Daniele Faccani says: "Alibi represent at 100% what we are today. Is most hard and best album we've ever made till we exist. Lyrics and music talk for us. This album talk about the way of live of the people in the 2.0 age. All the songs got different stories but with a concept that still under all the lines talking about how many people live they're life wearing a mask, living just for appear hiding who we really are, and sometimes with shame. The message we want to share with this album is this, leave the mask, don't like to ourselves and be ourselves".
Elyne is a post-hardcore band formed in Italy in January 2013. They released their first EP, “Syncretism” that year and toured Italy playing many venues. Elyne released their first Album “What Burns Inside” in September 2014. That CD was a hit, salling over 1200 copies throughout Europe. Following the Album release, Elyne toured Europe and shared the stage with many bands including Architechts, Destrage, Chelsea Grin, Being As An Ocean, Silverstein and many more. They have been very active on tour from 2014 to the present, playing over 120 concert events and music festivals.

Tracklisting : 1.O.B.E 2.Empty mirrors 3.Demons 4.From within 5.White light, black rain 6.Breathless 7.Broken faith 8.Wrong nature 9.Sick 10.Frames

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Interview with Paul Johnson and The About Last Nights

Paul Johnson & The About Last Nights may be from Mississippi, but this isn’t your traditional southern rock. Singer/Songwriter Paul Johnson and Drummer Zack Lewis had a vision in mind, which was to play songs people want to sing, a kind of "Power Pop”, with the emphasis on “Power." They unified on the principle of a "song first, honest music" mentality. High-energy rock n' roll that draws from their influences like Cheap Trick and the Foo Fighters and at times the band recalls the performances of Weezer and Sloan in full-on rock mode, but never neglecting the art of the power balled. This is a band with a purpose, which is to make great music and have fun doing it.
Here at Palace of Rock, we have a saying, if you think power pop is dead, think again!

Hello there, greetings from Sweden. Can you name three things that comes to mind when you are thinking of Sweden?
Paul-High seas adventure, Vikings, and beautiful people.

Are you taking a stand against bullying with your new video Burn it down?
Paul-Yes, being bullied by most of the people, and peers in my life growing up I'm finding more ,and more people that has had the same experiences. I have felt compelled to give us all a voice for a long time, and hopefully encourage those struggling today.

How come you got into music?
Paul-It was prevalent in my home because of my dad's love for it. Nirvana happened, and it changed everything for me. I didn't just want to listen to it, I wanted the emotional release of playing it, and recording it.

What was the first record you bought and really liked?
Paul-I want to say Pearl Jam Ten, but also, Superunknown from Soundgarden was a first as well.

I think you´ve got a cool bandname, it bring thoughts to the 2006 album The rise and fall of Butch Walker and The About Last Nights. Are you familiar with Butch Walker?
Paul-I am, I love him. His music, and songwriting is phenomenal, and he is a southern boy that blazed his own trail. As far as the band name similarity to one of his records? No, it was simply the "everyone write a band name as cool as Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers down!' That one won the vote.

Tell me about your upcoming debut EP Give Up The Ghost, when will it be out and is the music going in the same direction as the single?
Paul-It will be out May 1, 2017 on iTunes, and all major streaming services. I can say if you like "Burn It Down' you will love our EP "Give Up The Ghost" its got the same sense of urgency, and hopefulness, along with the guitar riffage, and energy we are getting known for.

There aren´t that many new artists in the power pop genre, are you the saviour of power pop?
Paul-I would never call myself a savior of anything, but I will say we at this moment stand out, and I love that.

With the streaming services taking over, what are your thoughts about the future of selling music?
Paul-The future of the industry is on hard times for sure, there are less opportunities for making a living based off the old model, but like anything that changes, I am hopeful new bands can still break out, and succeed at their craft without having to go on gameshows or a be in a sex tape.

Do you believe in ghosts?
Paul-The Ghost I refer to in the EP title "Give Up The Ghost' is talking about these spiritual Ghosts we all carry around from childhood trauma. At some point we have to give them up to something higher, and move forward stronger than ever.

You come from the state of Mississippi that has a fine tradition of great rock and roll bands like 3 Doors Down, Blind Melon, Saving Abel and even up and coming artists like The Electro-Lights, Bass Drum of Death and yourself.
What has the city of Hattiesburg meant to you as an artist?
Paul-It is where I cut my teeth in the clubs, and bars. I have some good friends there, and I am hopeful we can be a part of a big MS music scene one day because the talent there is just amazing.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Quickbits : Roshambo, Message From Sylvia, Pete Lynch

Roshambo - Bombastica (2016) Not so bombastic but oh so emotional
Roshambo is another name for the game "rock-paper-scissors" but it´s also the name of an indie pop band from Karlskoga, Sweden, just 40km from where I live.
Their new 4 track EP "Bombastica" is so good that it hurts, I think it´s time to bring out the champagne and celebrate because how often do you get to hear such talented bands in your local area?!
With songs like "Dog eyes" and "High", they should be playing MTV awards and big festivals in England. Mark my words, this EP is the start of something big.
Swedish melancholy meets Chinese folkmusic in the irreristable "Home", why buy a ticket to Beijing when you can get there with Roshambo´s music.
All in all, here´s a new hope on the Swedish indie scene.
For fans of Franz Ferdinand, Arcade Fire, Interpol
(+) Everything about this band really.
(-) Only 4 tracks sucks, give me a full length album now.

Message From Sylvia - Message From Sylvia (2017) Perfect for active rock standards
In a politically correct world, let´s say sometime in a near future, music groups of 4 persons consists of 2 men and 2 women with a multicultural background to make politicians and journalists happy.
In a time like that, the art of music will be of secondary importance. Scary eh?
For me, the art of music comes before anything else and I don´t really care if the band consists of 4 white guys, 4 women, 4 jews, 4 black or 4 homosexuals.
In this day age, the art of music is worth fighting for so here´s a message from the band Message From Sylvia. They´re 4 guys doing what they love doing best, playing rock and roll that feels dangerous and therefore, has no place in a politically correct world, but definitely a place in our "not so perfect world".
The band is Matthew Nevitt (DoryDrive) - Lead Vocals and the Lopez-Smith brothers, Dane - Lead Guitar, Isaac - Bass and Zachary - Drums (all formerly of First Decree).
Their self-titled debut features the singles "Heart of war" and "Right here and now" and it´s produced by Sahaj Ticotin (Ra), especially the track "Heart of war" is reminiscent of Sahaj´s band Ra.
Otherwise, this strong album has more in common with bands like Breaking Benjamin and Nothing More. There are a lot of muscles in their riffs and the band let the adrenaline flow in their glowing performance throughout the entire album.
(+) The song Crystal Ball, that one is gigantic.
(-) Ok, I admit that they will hardly receive an award for being unique but it´s not a big deal.

Pete Lynch - Kill The Monster (2017) A monster of an album
Let me present a contender for my top album list of 2017, "Kill the monster" by Pete Lynch.
I can´t stop listening to this lovely album, imagine a blend of Aussie rock, Canadian prog and the thinking man´s pop and you´ll get "Kill the monster".
The first single "Till the rivers run dry" is a brilliant arena rock song, this song as well as other songs on the album reminds a bit of artists like Gowan, Matthew Good and Blue October.
The title track and "Where are you" are two other favorites from Pete Lynch´s second album that is mixed by Tim Palmer (Ozzy, Pearl Jam) so we´re not talking low-budget production here.
Any Hi-Fi nerd should be satisfied with the big sound of "Kill the monster", I especially like the warm sound of the drums.
Pete Lynch is joined by Markus Gartner - Guitars and Sascha Bem - Drums, there is also a guest performance from Simon Hinkler (The Mission) on the track "4140".
(+) Any artist that has toured with Nina Hagen has great taste in music and so has Pete Lynch.
(-) If only mainstream radio could skip playing mass-produced pop and instead put "Kill the monster" on the airwaves so people can find out that quality comes before quantity.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Review : Atoms To Ashes - Through the storm

Atoms To Ashes - Through the storm (2017) Independent
Produced by Atoms To Ashes
Tracks : 1.Blown away 2.Not gonna break 3.Black to red 4.No longer 5.Around my neck
3 out of 5

It´s time to get your daily dose of active rock and why not turn to Montreal and Atoms To Ashes´ new EP "Through the storm", including 5 tracks with a crossover of electro rock and modern rock.
The band is led by Chris Starr who has his eyes set on the modern rock scene after 2000, if you´re into old school metal, skip this review and make yourself a cup of coffee instead.
The EP opens with the most electronic song out of these five songs, the verse is really cool but the chorus is almost a direct copy of Linkin Park´s One Step Closer which sucks.
"Not gonna break" is the first single from the EP and it´s a typical modern rock song, this one´s the Big Mac and Co on the menu.
"Black to red" follows and this song is very good, perhaps it´s because it reminds so much of Angels and Airwaves sound. It has Tom DeLonge written all over it.
"No longer" is the most poppy song on the EP, if you like to call it boyband-rock, go ahead, I won´t argue.
"Around my neck" is a nice rocker that bring thoughts to the Scandinavian modern rock scene with bands like April Divine, Plan Three and Blowsight.
Also available : Heartless EP (2014)

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Review : Hornal - The game begins with the lights out

Hornal - The game begins with the lights out (2017) Independent
Produced by Iain Hornal
Tracks : 1.Staring at the sky 2.Running away 3.Jennifer 4.Caledone 5.She doesn´t have anyone 6.Quit you 7.Dangerous men 8.Different places 9.Pictures of past 10.Any other way 11.Say the word
4 out of 5

Do you remember the days when there was music on MTV and the suits and jackets had shoulder pads to give the wearer the illusion of having broader shoulders? I´m talking about the 80´s.
If you ask Iain Hornal, it was an era when pop music had a brain, a soul and a heart.
Hornal´s debut solo "The game begins with the lights out" is an entertaining album that is the light we need in a rather bleak world, he truly gives the listener an idea of what kind of music he loves.
I´m pretty certain you will find records with Fleetwood Mac, Mike + The Mechanics, 10cc and E.L.O in his record collection, you can´t go wrong those artists.
And speaking of E.L.O, Iain Hornal was the backing singer in Jeff Lynne´s ELO on the Alone In The Universe tour 2016 and he also wrote the intro tape to The Feeling´s live shows.
Hornal´s album opens with the dreamlike and Floydian "Staring at the sky", I wonder if David Gilmour came by the studio and left his mark on the song? It sure sounds that way.
The songs "Running away" and "Any other way" will make fans of Wax´s 80´s pop very happy, Wax? you say! Well, let me give you a hint, their biggest hit is Bridge to your heart.
Imagine if Stevie Winwood teamed up with Sad Cafe´, then the result could very well be the song "Jennifer", I´m a sucker for this kind of late 70´s westcoast pop.
This album is like a carnival of melodies where Hornal doesn´t hold back, I think it´s impossible to get an overdose of harmonies but I´m willing to take it because I could die listening to "She doesn´t have anyone" or "Say the word". Both goes in the finest ELO/10cc style.
The album has two beautiful ballads too, "Pictures of past" that bring thoughts to Simon and Garfunkel and "Quit you" that sounds like something Paul Carrack could´ve written.
About the song "Caledone", I´m starting to think that John Lennon called from the other side and wanted his unreleased song back.
The best song is "Dangerous men", featuring Sophie Ellis-Bextor. A brilliant composition that easily could´ve fit on David Bowie´s 1983 album "Let´s Dance".
Good Golly Miss Molly!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Quickbits : Bush, Mallory Knox, KXM

Bush - Black and white rainbows (2017) When post grunge goes mainstream
It might seem a bit strange that I never got into the music of Bush since I´m such a fan of Gavin Rossdale´s voice, but their songs didn´t appeal to me.
Rossdale´s solo album WANDERlust from 2008 is another story somehow, that album is a killer but also a completely different sound compared to his band.
So why start now? Well, a person can change. Ten years ago I couldn´t believe that I would be listening to Frank Sinatra almost every week at this age so I thought I should start by checking out Bush´s latest album "Black and white rainbows".
And I do like their new single "Mad love".
I really want to like this but the music still just doesn´t move me, Rossdale´s voice can move mountains but not even he can lift these mediocre midtempo songs.
(+) The voice, ah the voice.
(-) 15 songs are a few too many in my opinion, what´s wrong with the classic album concept of 10 tracks?

Mallory Knox - Wired (2017) At a crossroads of a hit or miss record
Album no.3 from the energetic rock band Mallory Knox, they have worked with a different producer on each album and this time around they teamed up with Dan Austin (The Cooper Temple Clause, Arcane Roots).
"Wired" is the follow up to the 2014 album "Asymmetry" where the band were on their way to something big, the Gil Norton produced "Asymmetry" was a bit more polished but also packed with a set of great songs.
The band is more happy with the sound on "Wired" that feels more raw and live compared to their previous record but I think the songs are weaker on the new album.
I expected something more from Mallory Knox, sure there are a few great tunes like "Lucky me", "Better off without you" and "Giving it up", however I can´t help but feeling a bit disappointed.
(+) In their best moments, they´re the Foo Fighters of Britain.
(-) The album is way too uneven.

KXM - Scatterbrain (2017) Power trio size XL
Getting tired of waiting for a new King´s X album? Well, don´t be. KXM is the closest thing of getting a King´s X record.
We´ve got Dug Pinnick singing like a god and playing bass with the same attitude as we´re used to hear him with Ty Tabor and Jerry Gaskill.
Then add the thundering drumming from Ray Luzier (KoRn) and the extraordinary six string work from George Lynch (Lynchmob), you´ll get KXM´s second album "Scatterbrain".
It´s more proggy than the debut but just as heavy, it´s not as heavy as KoRn but a whole lotta heavier than Lynch´s old band Dokken.
So I will give it a fair shot at saying that fans of King´s X will probably dig this record a lot.
KXM aren´t about writing radio friendly rock, you could say this music is for the people that want something more than the regular verse-chorus-verse-chorus formula.
Highlights : Scatterbrain, Big sky country, Noises in the sky
(+) I´m so glad that KXM didn´t turn out to be a one-album-band.
(-) Since this is the kind of rock that only should be played loud, I´m afraid my tinnitus is getting worse.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Toronto : Sprawling on the fringes of the city

                                                 Toronto, the Liverpool of Canada!
As a Swede, my first relation to this town, was the legendary Swedish hockey player Börje Salming who played in the NHL team Toronto Maple Leafs during the 70´s and 80´s.
But that didn´t stop me from being a Boston Bruins fan, however I have deep respect for Toronto Maple Leafs because it´s one of the original six league members along with Chicago Black Hawks, New York Rangers, Montreal Canadiens, Detroit Red Wings and Boston Bruins.
When it comes to music, my first contact with the most populous city in Canada, was the introduction of the 1976 live album "All the world´s a stage" with the classic phrase -Hello and please welcome home, Rush!
The live album was recorded at Massey Hall in Toronto and it was the start for me being a long-time fan of this beloved trio that has fans all over the world. (Other famous artists that has recorded their live albums at Massey Hall are Neil Young, Matthew Good, Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie).
By listening to Rush, it also got me more interested in rock music from Canada because up to 1976, I was mainly listening to bands from England and the U.S.
Rush might be the biggest band from Toronto but this city has a lot to offer for music lovers, whether you´re a  heavy metal fan and love Anvil, Lee Aaron or rather prefer melodic rock like Coney Hatch, Wrabit and Triumph. They are all top quality bands from the big city by the Lake Ontario.

This is also the hometown for ultimate progrock music with names like Max Webster, Klaatu, Alpha Galates and I Mother Earth, not to mention the famous producer Bob Ezrin who´s CV is mighty impressive with classic albums like Pink Floyd´s The Wall, Kiss´ Destroyer, Alice Cooper´s Welcome To My Nightmare and Peter Gabriel´s first solo album.
Ok, then, those albums and bands aren´t exactly new so you might wonder if the music scene in Toronto is pretty dead these days. Well, it´s not! I still discover new talents all the time so the climate for modern rock is alive and kicking with artists such as Thornley, Manic Drive, Crash Karma, Sky Terminal and Saint Asonia.
If I sit down with a few of my closest friends and talk about bands from Toronto, I know they would holler classic rock and blues artists like Neil Young, Jeff Healey, Steppenwolf and Moxy. And speaking of Moxy, I have a great story to share about some of my best friends who went down to Sweden Rock Festival in 2001 where the line-up was Angel, W.A.S.P, Gary Moore, Dokken, Helloween, Uli Jon Roth, Moxy and many more.
It was a hot and sunny day in the beginning of June and my friends Eddie and Tonnie had just put up a tent and were listening to a mixtape on a portable cassette player not far from the stage area. They were drinking beer and talking about the bands they were excited to see, and between two of the songs on the mixtape that happened to be Moxy. They noticed that they heard the same music coming from the stage, -shit, Moxy is on stage! So they ran like crazy because they had forgotten about the time Moxy would perform. I laughed a lot when I heard about this.

10 Essential albums made by artists from the city of the maple leafs
Rush-Moving Pictures (1981)
Max Webster-Universal Juveniles (1980)
Neil Young and Crazy Horse-Rust never sleeps (1979)
Anvil-Forged in fire (1983)
Dalbello-She (1987)
Harem Scarem-Mood Swings (1993)
Alias-Alias (1990)
Frozen Ghost-Frozen Ghost (1983)
Pat Travers Band-Live! Go For What You Know (1979)
Red Rider-Neruda (1983)

Rik Emmett was a relatively unknown singer/songwriter/guitarist on the local Toronto scene in September of ’75 when he joined a newly-formed hard rock trio called Triumph. By ’79 three albums had gone platinum in Canada and two charted in the States, receiving serious radio airplay. By ’81 Triumph was firmly established as one of the premier touring rock acts in North America, with generous FM radio airplay support and heavy rotation on the fledgling MTV cable channel. In the next seven years, the band released ten gold albums, with four turning platinum in Canada. In the U.S., two went gold.

What musicians from Toronto inspired you to work with music?
Rik Emmett-Domenic Troiano was a guitarist locally of high reputation.  From the jazz area, my teacher at college was Peter Harris, who was very much a Lenny Breau kind of fingerstyle guy.  A local guitarist from the jazz field who was extremely influential on many guitarists was Ed Bickert.

But as far as 'rock' goes, there weren't a lot of local guys that managed to rise above the huge influence of the Yardbirds guys, Beck, Page & Clapton.  No one locally played like Hendrix.  (Well - no one anywhere played like Hendrix, did they?)  When the wave of British Invasion stuff hit, and in its wake, there were no local guys who had the impact on Toronto Canada's pop scene like the idols of my teenage years:  Ritchie Blackmore, Steve Howe, Jan Akkerman ...   And even if one set one's sights a bit lower, and only looked to the States, there would be blues guys like Mike Bloomfield, and Buddy Guy ... It was more of a blues rock influence in Toronto, coming up out of Chicago, and Detroit. 

Dream Aria is a Toronto band who offers a blend of traditional progressive rock music with new prog, world music, goth, ambient & classical to their fans.

The band is fronted by Ann Burstyn and with a new album coming out on May 1st called On The Other Side, the Palace of Rock felt we needed to ask the question :

What is your opinion about the music scene in Toronto?
Ann Burstyn - The Toronto music scene is not what it used to be but really, that’s to be expected. We’re not in the 80’s any longer.  The nostalgic lot of us wishes it was perhaps but yet, here we are. The bad news is that so many of our beloved clubs have closed due to many reasons (mostly financial and younger demographics) but the good news is music is definitely alive and well, even here in the  TO! 
There is room for many successful cover/tribute acts in various remaining venues around the city. For those aforementioned “nostalgic” folks, you can still hear some of your fave bands from the past but in tribute fashion, such as Bon Jovi, Motley Crue, Dio, Pat Benatar, Heart etc.  Although it’s not the same as the real acts, the experience can still be much the same. If you’re into new music, the Indie Scene is a great place to look! Indie Music Week is an excellent place to find new treasures! There are bands of every genre and even bands that blend many genres together to create their own unique sound. Most TO residents will always think of RUSH as THE Toronto band. Yes, they are still around making great music but likely will be touring less and with a new drummer.  But some of the newer acts such as Big Wreck, Drake, Harem Scarem, Metric, Bruno Mars, Broken Social Circle Scene, The Weekend, along with others, are here to carry the torch. I personally give them all much respect and wish them the best of success today and into the future.  

Toronto has always been very diverse in culture and that shines through in the variety of artists/music genres these acts provide.  If one is looking for the BIG concert feel, the ACC, Roger’s Centre, Massey Hall, Molson Ampitheatre, Budweiser Stage, Sony Centre For Performing Arts, Sound Academy, and the Danforth Music Hall are the perfect venues to check out. Some acts on their rosters for 2017 are Bon Jovi, John Mayer, U2, Kings Of Leon, One Republic, Bruno Mars, Bob Dylan, and Tim McGraw/Faith Hill, to name just a few.  We can’t forget live Musical Theatre! Musicals are very much still a Toronto highlight. Some of the shows on that front are The BodyGuard, The Book Of Morman, The Sound Of Music, Mary Poppins, Pokemon, and many more. 
We still have quite  number of great clubs to satisfy your live band music thirst are: College Street Bar, Lee’s Palace, The Phoenix, The Mod Club, The Drake, The Rockpile, Horseshoe Tavern, Groove Bar & Grill, The Resevoir Lounge, The Silver Dollar, The Rex, Sneaky Dee’s, and Velvet Underground.
So there you have it! If you ask me, yes, the Toronto Music scene has changed but it still thriving BUT to keep it that way here’s a favorite and important quote we often say and hear around these parts: “Support Your Live Music Scene!” I cannot stress that enough. See you out there

The big ones that put Toronto on the map of rock and roll
Anvil (heavy metal)
Barenaked Ladies (rock)
Bob Ezrin (producer) 
Coney Hatch (melodic rock)
Dalbello (pop / rock)
Danko Jones (rock)
Harem Scarem (melodic rock) 
I Mother Earth (progressive metal) 
Jeff Healey (blues)
Kim Mitchell (classic rock)
Klaatu (progressive rock)
Lee Aaron (heavy metal) 
Max Webster (progressive rock)
Metric (pop / rock)
Moxy (classic rock)
Neil Young (classic rock)
Our Lady Peace (post grunge)
Pat Travers (hard rock)
Phil X (guitarist of Bon Jovi)
Red Rider (melodic rock)
Rush (progressive rock)
Santers (melodic rock)
Sheriff (melodic rock)
Steppenwolf (classic rock)
Three Days Grace (modern rock)
Tom Cochrane (melodic rock)
Triumph (hard rock)
Wrabit (melodic rock)

Underrated artists from Toronto that should be / or should´ve been bigger
Abandon All Ships (electronica / metal)
Alias (melodic rock)
Alpha Galates (progressive rock)
Big Wreck (hard rock)
Crash Karma (modern rock)
Dream Aria (progressive rock) 
Edwin (pop / rock)
Eugene Ripper (folk rock) 
Evans Blue (alternative metal)
Frozen Ghost (melodic rock)
Justin Rutledge (singer / songwriter) 
Leh-Lo (pop / soul)
Manic Drive (modern rock)
Saint Asonia (rock / metal)
Thornley (modern rock)
Toronto (melodic rock)

Rising acts from Toronto to have on the radar
Affinity (hard rock) 
All But Over (rock / metal) 
Before The Curtain (rock / metal)
Betty Moon (rock / pop) 
Bleeker (alternative rock)
Blind Race (heavy metal)
Bolus (progressive rock)
Broken Sons (rock)
Cooper (hard rock)
Curses (alternative rock)
Dani Rosenour (modern rock)
Days Like Today (pop / punk) 
Dear Love (alternative rock)
Down With Webster (rock / hip hop)
Fast Romantics (rock)
Final Thought (pop / rock)
Fire X Fire (power pop)
Jesse Labelle (alternative pop)
July (pop / punk)
Justin Nozuka (pop / soul)
Kai Exos (rock / soul)
Liferuiner (post hardcore)
MadMachines (alternative pop) 
Menage (pop / rock)
Never Say Die (alternative rock) 
Red Handed Denial (rock / metal)
Romes (alternative rock)
Rosedale (pop / punk)
Six Side Die (rock)
Sky Terminal (modern rock)
Smashing Satellites (electro pop)
Sumo Cyco (hard rock)
The Android Meme (progressive metal) 
The Fullblasts ( pop / punk)
The Heights (pop / rock)
The Lipstick Junkies (indie rock)
The Rabid Whole (electro rock)

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Review : Momb - Hard care

Momb - Hard care (2016) Alliance Records
Produced by Momb
Tracks : 1.Tough enough 2.Nobody else 3.All you are made of 4.Believing in yourself 5.Hard care 6.Coke nut 7.Coke nut epilogue 8.Richest touch 9.Sexercise 10.Silence of your heart 11.Way of the water
4 out of 5

Now talk about a totally unexpected release, the second album "Hard care" from Danish band Momb.
Their brilliant self titled album was released in 1997 so I never thought there would be another album from these guys.
Where have they been all this time? on Mars? hiding underground for a science fair project? living like monks in Tibet? Who knows, but last year they came out of the silence and dropped a fantastic follow-up with "Hard care".
Soundwise, it´s like time stood still and we´re back to 1997, Momb continue to deliver lovely harmonies and excellent vocals in a blend of power pop and west coast sounds.
If Nik Kershaw and Gregg Alexander (New Radicals) wrote a song together and had Mew as backing band, the result could very well be the awesome song "Coke nut".
The track "All you are made of" bring thoughts to Mr Mister´s album "Go on" (1987) so I´m definitely in musical heaven here.
Highly recommendable!
Highlights : Sexercise, All you are made of, Hard care, Coke nut

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Review : As We Ascend - Farewell to midnight

As We Ascend - Farewell to midnight (2017) Vital Records
Produced by As We Ascend
Tracks : 1.Hatchet 2.My ghost 3.Expendable 4.Tell me 5.When the gun goes 6.Insulate 7.End of me 8.Watch the world burn 9.We fight 10.Wash away 11.At my door
3,5 out of 5

As We Ascend is a new hard rock band from Nashville, formed in 2016 by singer / songwriters and guitarists Jake Jones and Justin Forshaw (formerly of We As Human) and drummer Robert Venable.
Their debut album "Farewell to midnight" is climbing like a rocket on Billboard´s album and single charts, many thanks to the kick ass single "Wash away" that completely knocked me down.
As We Ascend´s sound bring thoughts to bands like Disciple, Decyfer Down and Saliva so this album is hardly groundbreaking but it doesn´t matter that much because the riffs have enough impact to make a crater and the songs are damn good.
My favorites at the moment are "My ghost", "Hatchet", "Wash away" and "When the gun goes". I bet we´re gonna hear a lot more from this band in the future.

Rumours in the air

Christian metal band The Letter Black has signed with EMP Label Group and will release their 3rd studio album Pain on May 26th, the previous album Rebuild was released on Tooth and Nail records in 2013.

The alternative metal band Eighteen Visions parted ways in 2007 but the members James Hart - Lead Vocals, Keith Barney - Gutiars and Trevor Friedrich - Drums, have reunited and are currently in the studio recording their first album since the self titled album from 2006.

Boston based hard rock band Extreme is wrapping up their follow-up album to Saudades de Rock (2008), their 6th studio album is expected to be released later this year.

Modern rockers Hoobastank has finished recording their 6th studio album with producer Matt Wallace (Faith No More, Train), it´s their first album since Fight or Flight (2012).

Former Survivor singer Dave Bickler is finishing up his first solo album Darklight for a release in 2017. Bickler will perform at Rockingham Festival in Nottingham, U.K in October.

The British progressive / alternative metal band Amplifier are set to return with their 6th studio album Trippin´ With Dr.Faustus in mid-2017. It´s the follow-up to Mystoria (2014).

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Review : Onesie - Leos Consume

Onesie - Leos Consume (2017) Independent
Produced by Onesie / John Meredith
Tracks : 1.Karaoke killers 2.Credit score of 666 3.Pillow sail 4.Tall and lean 5.Hotelekinesis 6.Husbands in finance 7.Ballad of the boomerang 8.This minstrel 9.Life coach infinite scroll 10.Everything you want and more 11.Understudy
3 out of 5

As a band, you can either look at what´s on the charts, get trendy and hope for the best or you just don´t give a shit what´s selling and instead go your own way.
That´s exactly what the Brooklyn based trio Onesie has done on their debut album "Leos Consume" and it´s a charming record too.
The band is founded by former members of The Isles and Man Without Plan and takes inspiration from British pop, American punk and classic rock.
If Crash Test Dummies were a grunge band, they could´ve sounded like the track "Everything you want and more" but there are other bands that comes to mind while listening to the entire album and they are Weezer, Beck and Barenaked Ladies.
The humorous lyrics and and the raw guitars are definitely the strength of Onesie´s music, while the singer´s limited vocal range is the weakness.
Highlights : Karaoke killers, Husbands in finance, This minstrel

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Album Spotlight : Eclipse - Momentum

It's been two years since we last heard a new full length album from Swedish hard rockers Eclipse. Two years that has seen the band play to audiences in Australia, Japan, America and Europe, not to mention the three and a half million viewers who saw Eclipse's debut on Swedish national television at Melodifestivalen 2016.

With the development shown in their last two albums "Bleed and Scream" and "Armageddonize" the picture was clear, these guys were destined for greatness, and now greatness has been delivered in the shape of their new album MONUMENTUM.

After touring extensively for two years with their previous album, Eclipse's main songwriters Erik Mårtensson and Magnus Henriksson reconvened in Erik's new studio in the Swedish countryside and started writing songs. The intention was to write and record an album with no compromise of either song quality or performance from the band.

We know saying your latest album is the best you've done is the oldest cliché in rock, and so instead of taking our word for it, tune in and listen to the killer opening track “Vertigo”. It's melodic rock that's respectful of its history but with sights set on the future. Fans of the band will not be disappointed and new acquaintances can look forward to hard rocking tunes with massive hooks from the first to the final track.
As Erik puts it: "When I go and see a band I just want to hear songs that make me wanna put my fist in the air and scream along, and I want everyone around me to do the same. Well, Monumentum is one giant fist waiting for a chanting crowd of rockers. We can't wait for the people to hear it!"

Better be ready: ECLIPSE are coming to kick your butt!

Erik Mårtensson – lead vocals, guitars
Magnus Henriksson - guitars
Philip Crusner - drums
Magnus Ulfstedt - bass

Tracklisting : 1.Vertigo 2.Never look back 3.Killing me 4.The downfall of Eden 5.Hurt 6.Jaded 7.Born to lead 8.For better or for worse 9.No way back 10.Night comes crawling 11.Black rain

Momentum is released on March 24th.

Album Spotlight : House of Lords - Saint of The Lost Souls

“Saint Of The Lost Souls” is House Of Lords’ tenth studio album, following up the highly successful “Indestructible”. House Of Lords continues to get even stronger with each release. Recorded and produced by the band’s singer and mastermind James Christian, this collection of songs has an incredible flow of up-tempo and mid-tempo rockers mixed with power ballads, which lean a bit more toward keyboards this time around, but without compromising the band's trademark sound which is based around Jimi Bell’s guitar.

“Saint Of The Lost Souls” is already one of the year’s most anticipated melodic rock releases and will not disappoint fans of the band or genre. James Christian's well crafted and smooth vocals bring the band's craft to new heights. Guitarist Jimi Bell is on fire and the melodic riffs throughout the album will leave you breathless. A new addition on bass is Chris Tristram, who is no stranger to the rock community. His solid performance adds another dimension to the sound and BJ Zampa brings a solid and powerful rhythm foundation to House of Lords.

House of Lords debuted in 1989 with the release of their self-titled album, a record which is still regarded as one of the best arena rock releases of the 80’s. The colossal sound, the soaring vocals of James Christian and instrumental capabilities of the band (which featured ex-Angel and Giuffria keyboardist, Gregg Giuffria, along with luminaries Lanny Cordola, Chuck Wright and Ken Mary), were reminiscent of such frontrunners as Whitesnake, Deep Purple and Van Halen and immediately brought the band to the attention of the music media and fans.

With their sophomore release, “Sahara”, House of Lords had considerable radio and video chart success with their cover of Blind Faith’s “Can't Find My Way Home”. After a tour with Nelson in 1991, the group disbanded, eventually coming back together with a new lineup (featuring original members Giuffria and Christian) in 1992 with "Demon's Down". With the change in musical climate at the time, House of Lords went into hibernation until the original lineup came back together in 2000, releasing the controversial “Power and the Myth”, an album which featured a sound leaning more towards progressive hard rock with 70’s rock influences. After a short European tour, singer James Christian decided to go back to the trademark arena rock sound of House Of Lords, putting together a new line-up with the blessing of founding member Gregg Giuffria, who opted out right before the release of “Power and the Myth”. New members Jimi Bell on guitars and B.J. Zampa on drums supplied a true powerhouse sound to the fifth studio album, “World Upside Down”, a record which caused a real stir in the hard rock and melodic rock scenes. That album was followed up by the equally impressive “Come to My Kingdom” in 2008, "Cartesian Dreams" in 2009, "Big Money" in 2011, and “Precious Metal” in 2014.

The band has toured relentlessly in Europe and the States in support of their releases and have now become a true staple of the hard rock scene on both continents. House Of Lords stands for superb hooks and majestic atmospheres that bring back the memories of their stellar debut album, monumental guitar riffs and a production to die for. All these ingredients you will find on “Saint Of The Lost Souls” which shines from the first second to the last!

Look out for House of Lords on tour in the spring of 2017.

House of Lords
James Christian – Lead Vocals
Jimi Bell – Guitars
Chris Tristram – Bass
BJ Zampa - Drums

Tracklisting : 1.Harlequin 2.Oceans divide 3.Hit the wall 4.Saint of the lost souls 5.The sun will never set again 6.New day breakin´ 7.Reign of fire 8.Concussion 9.Art of letting go 10.Grains of sand 11.The other option

Saint Of The Lost Souls is released on March 24th.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Album Spotlight : Night Ranger - Don´t Let Up

Frontiers Music Srl is proud to announce the release of “Don’t Let Up”, the 12th studio album from Night Ranger. “Don’t Let Up” will be available in both a standard edition and a deluxe edition (featuring bonus track and bonus DVD - physical format only).

Anticipated by the first single “Somehow Someway”, “Don’t Let Up” is the culmination of the band's work to date and celebrates the band's 35th anniversary with incredible melodic cuts and hard rocking numbers. Self produced by the band, Night Ranger's new album has everything the fans, both old and new, could ask for!

“The “Don’t Let Up” album is the result of five musicians living and breathing rock 'n roll 24 hours a day. 35 years on and Night Ranger is once again ready to let the fans know “It’s Only Rock and Roll, but I like it,” says Blades of the new album.

Keagy adds, “Working on the material for the new album "Don't Let Up" was a great experience once again. I always look forward to creating music with Brad, Eric, Kerri, and Jack. I'm really looking forward to playing some of this material for the fans. It rocks!”

"I'm looking forward to the new Night Ranger studio effort 'Don't Let Up' as it's always a pleasure releasing new material to keep the bands creative flow. As typical for NR, we have all the elements that made us popular in the first place, including twin lead vocal tradeoffs with Jack and Kelly and dual guitar harmonies and solos with my new partner in crime, Keri Kelli. We've stacked the deck again with up tempo driving rock songs, mid tempo tunes and a few acoustic ballad tracks. We're hoping this new album will be added to your existing Night Ranger catalog!!!" enthuses Gillis.
With more than 17 million albums sold worldwide, over 3000 live shows performed, and more than 1 billion in radio audience, Night Ranger has both epitomized and transcended the arena rock sound and style of that era and beyond. With songs that have significantly impacted popular culture and continue to expand their ever-growing fan-base, Night Ranger is proof that powerful songs, plus accomplished musicians is the perfect formula for continued success.

Night Ranger has earned widespread acclaim, multi-platinum and gold album status while leaving their indelible mark on the music charts with a string of best-selling albums (Dawn Patrol, Midnight Madness, 7 Wishes, Big Life and Man In Motion), its popularity fueled by an impressive string of instantly recognizable hit singles and signature album tracks. Producing legendary hits such as “Sister Christian”, “Don’t Tell Me You Love Me”, “When You Close Your Eyes” the anthemic “(You Can Still) Rock In America”, along with "Sentimental Street", "Goodbye", "Sing Me Away", "Four in the Morning" and more.

The band was also one of the first big "video" bands, with over 10 number 1 videos on MTV.

Over the years, the band’s music has made notable contributions to and been featured in many different areas of media and popular culture. Night Ranger’s songs can be heard in TV Shows; The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, American Dad, Glee, Grey’s Anatomy, Parks & Recreation; Rock Band, Guitar Hero and Grand Theft Auto, video games; Rock of Ages hit Broadway musical and feature film; the Oscar-Nominated film Boogie Nights, Friday the 13th, Teachers, Sixteen Candles, The Secret of My Success; JBL’s "Hear The Truth” brand campaign; and many more!

NIGHT RANGER is Jack Blades (bass, vocals), Kelly Keagy (drums, vocals), Brad Gillis (lead & rhythm guitars), Eric Levy (keyboards), and Keri Kelli (lead & rhythm guitars).

Tracklisting : 1.Somehow someway 2.Running out of time 3.Truth 4.Day and night 5.Don´t let up 6.Won´t be your fool again 7.Say what you want 8.We can work it out 9.Comfort me 10.Jamie 11.Nothing left of yesterday

Don´t Let Up is released on March 24th.

Album Spotlight : One Desire - One Desire

ONE DESIRE formed as “OD” in 2012, when drummer Ossi Sivula started gathering musicians and friends for his new project. A couple years of writing songs, making demos with different musicians and friends went by with an aim to create music that could change the world. Various musicians came and went along the way, but in 2014 they met Jimmy Westerlund (Negative, Sturm Und Drang, Joel Madden of Good Charlotte, Pitbull etc.). Jimmy has several platinum and gold albums to his credit as a producer, guitarist and songwriter. Jimmy had just moved back to Finland after a stint in Los Angeles. The band hired him to produce some songs, and after recording three songs with a new musical direction, they managed to attract the attention of Serafino Perugino, owner and head of A&R at Frontiers Music Srl.

But, at this point the band desperately needed a great singer. After trying out some different options, Jimmy suggested his long time friend Andre Linman from the band Sturm und Drang. They were friends since way back and SuD had decided to go on hiatus the year before. Andre got together for a couple of sessions with the guys and after writing a couple new songs together, the style and sound that was about to become ONE DESIRE was born. Ossi and Andre asked Jimmy to join the band in 2016 and this is the album that was born from that collaboration. Also, not long after this happened, the very talented Jonas Kuhlberg (Paul Di´Anno, Cain´s Offering, MyGrain) was brought on and he became the last link in the chain.

After Jimmy brought in the song “Hurt”, the band felt that that they had taken it to the next level. Andre wrote the beautiful ballad, “This Is Where The Heartbreak Begins” and at that time, ONE DESIRE started to find the right direction for Ossis' rocker, “Do You Believe”. Finally, in mid-2016, the band felt they finally were musically locked in and had the material to make an album that they could honestly stand behind and love beyond a doubt. 2017 will be a fantastic year as the journey of ONE DESIRE just begins!

Jimmy Westerlund – guitars
André Linman – lead vocals
Ossi Sivula – drums
Jonas Kuhlberg – bass guitar
Tracklisting : 1.Hurt 2.Apologize 3.Love injection 4.Turn back time 5.Falling apart 6.Straight through the heart 7.Whenever I´m dreaming 8.Do you believe 9.Buried alive 10.This is where the heartbreak beginsOne Desire is released on March 24th.