Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Review : Skyward - Skyward

Skyward - Skyward (2016) Independent
Produced by James McCurley
Tracks : 1.Daily 2.Casualty 3.The floor 4.Animal 5.Stand-ins 6.Burn 7.Now 8.Crows and wolves 9.(M)arrow 10.Giving tree 11.Drag me through 12.What you´ve become
3 out of 5

Let´s turn back the clock 16 years to the year 2000 like the lyrics to Pulp´s 1995 hit "Disco 2000" that goes "Let´s all meet up in the year 2000" because that´s exactly what Skyward´s music takes me to.
The same year my playlist was made out of songs like Drift by Neve, Right Now by SR 71, On the roof again by Eve6, It´s my turn to fly by The Urge and Hanging by a moment by Lifehouse.
These songs on Skyward´s self titled debut album could´ve easily been released around 1999-2001 because this 5-piece band from Virginia, USA makes modern rock the way it sounded around millennium.
The band features Jonathan Huang - Vocals, Anna Breeding - Synths/Vocals, Jordan Breeding - Guitar, Jeremy Hashigushi - Bass and Caleb Gritsko - Drums.
The album´s lead track is "Animal" and it´s a good song but it´s not the best one, I´d rather go for energetic songs like "Burn" and "Casualty", love the intro on this one.
For fans of Ash, Skillet (early albums), Feeder

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