Thursday, November 3, 2016

Interview with David and The Curse

Born and bred in Los Angeles, singer-songwriter-guitarist-pianist-producer David StΓΌcken has often been compared to revered rocker Ryan Adams for his artistry, self-production and music craftsmanship. David is the force behind LA-based rock band David and The Curse whose dynamic debut An Epitaph For Love is due out early 2017. David wrote and produced the autobiographical album of gritty rock tales told through the lens of an anti-hero.
This is your chance to get to know what David has in common with My Chemical Romance, what he thinks of Marlon Brando and why he doesn´t want to leave Earth.

I found the b-side "The Doctor Said" on Bandcamp and learned that you recorded 27 songs for the upcoming album. Will you be releasing more b-sides further on?
David-Really not sure. 

I really like the first single "She Loves The Night" that is out now. The artwork is simply beautiful but who is the woman on the cover with you?
David-Thank you I designed the artwork with my designer helping me with the technical computer stuff. The woman is a friend of mine. 

Your Debut album An Epitaph For Love will be out early next year, I think the music bring thoughts to 60´s rock and 70´s punk. How would you describe your sound?
David-I think that is pretty right on. Those are my influences. 60's rock and 70's punk. 

There are moments on the album that are reminiscent of Billy Idol and Elvis Costello. Are you a fan of them?
David-Yes I'm a fan of both. Not a HUGE fan but I respect them both immensely. Their careers have had longevity. That's the hardest part of the music business. 

I read that Jarrod Alexander is playing drums on the album. Is this Jarrod who played with A Static Lullaby and My Chemical Romance? What’s the story on how you met and came to play in David and The Curse together?
David-Yes same Jarrod. We've been playing together since we met recording at The Hurley recording studio in 2011. 

What album or artist made you wanting to be a musician?
David-John Lennon and David Bowie. 

What is the latest record (CD, vinyl or download) you bought?
David-Percy Sledge- Singles collection

With pop music taking over the charts, is rock and roll dead?
David-Absolutely not!

What do you think happens when we die?
David-I don't know. I'm not dead. 

If you had to pick a film to live in as a new character, which film would you choose and why?
David-I like Marlon Brando films. 

If NASA made you an offer to be the first artist to play a concert on the moon, would you take it?
David-Probably not. I've seen Apollo 13. I like the earth. 

Finally, what would you be working with if you weren´t in a band?
David-I've been a delivery boy. Furniture warehouse manager and went to college. But I will always work in music in one way or another from now on. 

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