Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The year of 1980 Part 3

The 3 greatest albums of 1980 and the top 10.
1.Rush-Permanent waves
The greatest trio in the world never cared that much for writing hits for radio or to please the record label with commercial albums, they only cared about the fans and the fans wanted lengthy progrock songs with that typical epic Rush-sound.
Permanent Waves is considered to be one of their best albums along with Moving Pictures and 2112,
I won´t argue with amazing songs like Spirit of Radio, Jacob´s Ladder, Free Will and Natural Science.
The kings of AOR went from strength to strength with each release in the 70´s and Departure was just another step on the ladder to the throne that would be rightfully theirs with the 1981 album Escape.
Steve Perry´s vocal performance is out of this world on Departure and some of Journey´s best unknown songs can be found on this album such as People and Places, Someday Soon and Precious Time. But let´s not forget the hits Anyway You Want It and Walks Like A Lady.
3.AC DC-Back in black
Many thought it was over for AC DC when Bon Scott passed away but the band fired on all cylindars and re-loaded their cannons for the biggest comeback of all time with Back in Black.
It´s the no.1 best selling rock album of all time and a copy should be in every rock fan´s collection.
The album became so big that even the band had a hard time recording a worthy follow up, For Those About To Rock is a great album but it certainly stand in the shadow of Back in Black.
4.The Police-Zenyatta Mondatta
The first band in the world to blend new wave, pop and reggae and wrote their own chapter in the history books.
The Police are one of the most influential bands in the world that recorded the first ever pop-punk album with Outlandos d´Amour in 78, but their 3rd opus Zenyatta Mondatta turned the band into giants with the timeless songs Don´t stand so close to me, Voices inside my head and De Do Do Do De Da Da Da.
The first band ever to open the famous Monsters of Rock festival in 1980 and the future did seem bright for this American band, but the only legacy they left for the world was this fantastic pomp AOR album.
An unofficial demo album recorded in 1981 was released in 1998 but it didn´t reach the same heights as the self titled debut, if you want to travel first class by the AOR tracks, then you need a ticket marked Touch.
6.Saxon-Strong arm of the law
Released only 4 months after the brilliant Wheels of Steel, most bands would´ve come up with leftovers but Saxon took it even higher.
It´s without doubt their best album and I wonder if it can be any more metal than Heavy Metal Thunder, 20.000 Ft or Dallas 1 P.M.
7.New England-Explorer suite
New England´s debut contains the band´s most popular songs but their greatest effort can be found on the 2nd album Explorer Suite.
Jeff Lynne (E.L.O) would be proud to have his name under these songs, the fabulous title track is included below this list. Enjoy!
8.Van Halen-Women and children first
Big rock signed USA, their debut took the world by storm and the band continued to spread their party-like hard rock like a hurricane across the planet with the follow up II and the 3rd album Women and Children First.
Van Halen was all about fun and it was impossible to get bored when they performed live or released awesome albums like this one, everybody wanted to be David Lee Roth and play guitar like Eddie.
9.Ozzy Osbourne-Blizzard of Ozz
Whenever you feel like making a best debut album list, I suggest you don´t leave out Blizzard of Ozz from Ozzy, Randy Rhoads, Bob Daisley and Lee Kerslake.
This is one helluva debut with some blistering shredding from the new star Rhoads at that time and featuring some of Ozzy´s most classic songs such as Crazy Train, Mr Crowley, I don´t know and Suicide Solution.
10.Kerry Livgren-Seeds of change
When Livgren of Kansas invites you to be on his first solo album, you say yes. That´s exactly what Ronnie James Dio, David Pack (Ambrosia), Barriemore Barlow (Jethro Tull), Jeff Pollard (LeRoux) and his pals in Kansas did.
I still think Mask of the great deceiver and To live for the king are the best vocal performances from Dio throughout his entire career.
A true hallelujah moment and progrock extraganza.

You probably have other albums on your own personal list and there are some really great ones missing in mine that easily could´ve ended up on any top list the last 15 years.
I mean, just take a look at these wonderful albums that didn´t make it on my list but are all classics.
Def Leppard-On through the night, Uriah Heep-Conquest, Gillan-Glory road, The Buggles-Age of plastic, Michael Schenker Group-MSG, Triumph-Progressions of power, Trust-Repression, Krokus-Metal rendezvouz, David Bowie-Scary monsters, Whitesnake - Ready an´ willing, Ultravox-Vienna, G-Force, Wild Horses-Wild Horses

1980 was also a tragic year with the deaths of John Lennon, John Bonham (that meant the end of Led Zeppelin), Bon Scott and Ian Curtis (Joy Division). But they will always be remembered.
The music lives on.

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