Friday, September 23, 2016


Home. a place we often return to, if it ain´t in person, it can happen when you listen music that makes you nostalgic.
Songs have a magic power to take you back in time to a certain place or a special moment that you will remember in an instant when you hear it, I mostly refer to old songs but there are exceptions with bands that reunites and releases new music. Then the magic is back.
I remember when Van Halen got back with David Lee Roth in 1996 and recorded 3 new songs on their Best of Volume 1 compilation, the performance on MTV Video Music Awards is a highlight even if the comeback was one of the shortest reunions in history.
I can´t call Dublin my home when I went to visit this cozy town last year but I felt like I was home, perhaps it has something to do with the statue of my childhood music hero Phil Lynott.
Just knowing that he walked those streets when he wrote some of his classic tunes in Thin Lizzy, that feeling made me all warm inside.
Simply nice ´n´easy.

American pop / rock band Shapes and Colors continues to flirt with emo on their new Love / Sex / War EP, which is the follow-up to the 2015 EP On Display.
If you ask them about their source of inspiration soundwise, they probably say it´s alternative rock anno 2002 with bands like Jimmy Eat World and Anberlin.
Catchy is definitely the word in focus, just listen to infectious songs like Drifting and Summer Soul.
Swedish occult rockers Ghost return to their roots and some of their personal favorites on the brand new Popestar EP, it´s the 2nd covers EP from Papa Emeritus III and the nameless ghouls.
The first EP If You Have Ghost (2013) featured covers of ABBA, Depeche Mode, Army of Lovers and Roky Erickson.
Popestar on the other hand opens with the brand new original song Square Hammer which is followed by new renditions of songs by Echo and The Bunnymen, Simon Mobile Disco, Eurythmics and Imperiet.
The awesome versions of Nocturnal me, I believe and Bible shows a band that are becoming bigger for each year.
Claus Hoffman, frontman of Danish alternative pop band Apollo goes halfway home with his new project Anti Anti and the debut album Conundrum, a real charming new wave-ish synthpop sound a la Depeche Mode meets The Killers.
I bet the dude is a sucker for 80´s synth, who said Gary Numan?!

Vola is a new favorite band of mine, these Danes´ amazing debut full length Inmazes combines old school prog of King Crimson and Gentle Giant with modern metal like Periphery and the atmospheric rock of Pink Floyd.
Expect the unexpected.
I was 11 when I discovered Kansas the first time, it was their 1975 album Masque and I became a fan the very first seconds of the opening track It takes a woman´s love to make a man.
Ever since, I followed this band through thick and thin with each release and different line up´s, so it´s extremely exciting to welcome The Prelude Implicit, the band´s first album of new music in 16 years. Wow!
Phil Ehart - Drums and Rich Williams - Guitars are the only original members left and they are joined by longtime member Billy Greer - Bass who has been in the band since 1985, David Ragsdale - Violin replaced Robbie Steinhardt in 2006, Ronnie Platt (ex.Shooting Star) - Lead Vocals, recently came on board and fills the shoes after Steve Walsh in the most honorable way.
The latest additions of the band´s 7 piece line up are David Manion - Keyboards and Zak Rizvi - Guitars. Many new faces but with a familiar sound.
Die hard fans might miss Steve Walsh and Kerry Livgren but this album is more than good, the album takes me back to the early 80´s when John Elefante was their lead singer.
This is my backyard and I´m sure you´ll be sorry if you don´t listen to The Prelude Implicit.

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