Thursday, September 29, 2016

Album Spotlight : Texture & Light - Inner Space Odyssey

These days it is common for indie rock musicians to moonlight as DJs, but rare to find an artist moving in the opposite direction. Texture & Light was formed by recovering DJ Trevor Refix (Mervyn) as a way to explore live instrumentation, synthesis, and narrative songwriting, while avoiding the common pitfalls of dance music production. Add in Lyell Woloschuk, a hard-hitting drummer with a recording arts degree, and you have an electronic band with fuzzy guitars, hook-laden vocals, a synthesizer fetish, and a drum machine crush.

The group's debut album, 2013's The Hard Problem of Consciousness, charted on campus and community stations across Canada. Its lead single "A Quiet Place" received extensive international radio play, with CBC Radio 3 listing it as one of the top Canadian tracks of 2013. Critics compared the album's sound to acts as diverse as Telephon Tel Aviv, Mercury Rev and the Talking Heads.

Inner Space Odyssey is set to drop October 14 2016. Featuring a more prevalent role of Woloschuk in the studio, and mastered by award-winning engineer Jamie Kuse, their sophomore album infinitely expands and refines their distinctive electronic dream rock universe. The lyrical scope of the record is as politically charged as it is emotionally impactful, exploring the insights Refix has made in the years since moving from the big city to small town British Columbia, making complex, modern art in humble contrast to the peace in nature and communal living. It's a dance floor destroyer one second, and a headphone mind-melter the next, with the potential to expand consciousness like the most potent psychedelics and provide a path through the darkness for the cosmically lost.

Texture & Light's live shows are bumping, sweaty affairs that feature a mix of live instrumentation and intuitively interconnected hardware in lieu of boring laptops, dazzled up with a custom-synced lighting rig. Whether they are playing a festival main stage or are crammed in a coffee shop, this band goes all the way.

Inner Space Odyssey is released October 14th.

Tracklisting : 1.Intro_version 2.Theft of the sky 3.Pictures to burn 4.This too shall pass 5.Serpentine 6.Predators 7.Heart throb 8.Post everything 9.The flood 10.Symbiosis 11.So many things

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