Sunday, August 28, 2016

Past, present, future

Most often, I ask my friends the question -If you could pick one certain year to live in for the rest of your life, with the music released that year, watch that year´s films in theatres, wear the same clothes and go to the concerts at that time. Which year would you choose?
Let´s say there is a gate of time where you could step through and on the other side, was a complete different year. Would you go back in history, stay in the present or head right into the unknown future?
You can of course go as you are, in your present age and with your family.
It´s an interesting idea so I am working on the greatest albums, films and concerts (I´ve been to myself) of various years in the past, the first post will be online within a week or two.
About the year, I´d pick 1986 because it´s the year my favorite film Aliens was showing on the cinemas and I went to see some amazing concerts like Magnum on their Vigilante tour, Monsters of Rock featuring Def Leppard, Ozzy and Scorpions, not to mention Saga on their Behavior tour with Honeymoon Suite as the support act, plus Uriah Heep and Nazareth both as headline acts on the same bill.
I never got the chance to see Journey with Steve Perry so this would be a great opportunity to catch them on the Raised on Radio tour, the last tour with Perry.

Soundwise, the Canadian rockers in Art of Dying feel comfy in 2016 with their brand new EP Nevermore, this is pure active rock living and breathing in the now. A genre that many thought would go the same destiny as emo and numetal but it turned out we were wrong.
Their new single Torn Down stand out but the other 5 new songs will also please all fans of modern hard rock/post-grunge that Nickelback invented 15 years back.
Another band that has a more timeless sound is Detroit based Citizen Zero with their debut album State of Mind available now, these guys play classic rock with one foot in 90´s rock.
On one side, you could say they´re highly influenced by Free and Bad Company but also related to 90´s bands like Live and Black Crowes.
Their frontman Josh LeMay is the star here, a lot of rocknroll singers would die to have his voice.
However, overall I would say Citizen Zero are more 1991 than 1975.
The sound of the future belongs to the Japanese metalcore act coldrain, anything can happen here where the band ain´t afraid to blend electronica and pop with the modern metal.
Anyone who loved their latest album Vena is in for a treat with their new EP Vena II Chapter One that contains two new songs and two acoustic versions of songs from Vena.
And I guess with the title, that there is a chapter two coming too.

The American band Nine Shrines still think it´s 2002 when numetal had it´s peak, this is a new band with members from Attack Attack, Downplay and Life on Repeat. Their debut EP Misery is in fact a solid affair of Breaking Benjamin meets SOiL-like alternative metal.
If you miss those days of numetal taking over the airwaves, then Nine Shrines is the answer to your prayers. Even though there´s nothing new to it, they´re pretty good.
Once in a while, I love to go back and get all nostalgic over classic albums that takes you back to a certain moment or place in time.
And so I did, the other day I bought the digital version of Scottish punk band The Skids first album Scared to dance from 1979. I listened a lot to this record on cassette back in the late 70´s when punk rock revolutionised the music industry. This album features their biggest hit Into the valley, the best song The Clash never wrote.
The late guitarist Stuart Adamson continued to be successful with Big Country in the 80´s, he passed away in 2001 but the music lives on. In 2006, U2 and Green Day covered The saints are coming by The Skids as a charity single.
Last record out today is the new awesome compilation Death Resonance from Swedish melodic death metallers Soilwork, a perfect album where you will get all the Japanese bonus tracks from the albums Stabbing The Drama (2005) and forward.
Death Resonance also includes 2 new tracks and the Japan only EP Beyond The Infinite, a must have for Soilwork fans.
A question, is there any better frontman than Bj√∂rn Strid that can handle both growls and clean vocals like a king?! I don´t think so.
2016 signing out.

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