Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Album Spotlight : Will Wood and The Tapeworms

The infamously bizarre, genre-bending art rock outfit Will Wood and the Tapeworms have recently taken over New Jersey’s music scene with what The Aquarian called “the epitome of a performance,” and AXS Entertainment called “a journey into glittering hysteria.” In the year since their formation, Will Wood and the Tapeworms have garnered intense press reactions, and gathered an exponentially growing cult following that shows no signs of slowing. After teaming up with New Noise Magazine to premiere the album and months of teasing and hinting, today Will Wood and the Tapeworms finally release their sophomore full-length LP, a chaotic and colorful crowd-funded concept album entitled Self-ish.
Produced by Dillinger Escape Plan guitarist Kevin Antreassian and featuring performances by members of Foxy Shazam and Frank Iero and the Cellabration, Self-ish showcases some of the most intensely unique and avant-garde work of eccentric and “intriguing and histrionic” (The Star-Ledger) pianist and singer-songwriter Will Wood, as well as virtuosic instrumental performances by guitarist Mike Bottiglieri, saxophonist David Higdon, and bassist/engineer Jonathon Maisto. Wood’s constantly shifting style and genre-bending mania make Will Wood and the Tapeworms’ sound hard to pin down. Self-ish features latin influences, progressive rock arrangements, emo/punk attitude, and wild mood swings- drawing comparisons to everyone from Tom Waits and Mr. Bungle to David Bowie and My Chemical Romance.
SELF-iSH is out now.
Tracklisting : 1.Self- 2.2012 3.Cotard´s solution 4.Mr.Capgras encounters a secondhand vanity 5.The song with five names aka soapbox a.k.a checkmate atheists a.k.a neospace government a.k.a you can never know 6.Hand me my shovel, I´m going in 7.Dr.Sunshine is dead 8.-ish

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