Thursday, August 11, 2016

Album Spotlight : Osaka Punch - Death Monster Super Squad

Screw The Avengers. The Justice League? Phhhht. Suicide Squad? Pussies. TheX-Men? A Joke!

On Friday September 16th 2016, Osaka Punch want you to meet the Death Monster Super Squad.

Osaka Punch's new EP is just that - a gathering of seven of the most daring mashupmonsters of music you will likely hear this year/decade. An unholy union of beasts who come together in times of need, when the world needs a different sort of hero/song to rescue them from the doldrums of the everyday.

They may look grotesque on the outside, but they may be our only hope in a world full of pretty-yet-ultimately- superficial music. 

Death Monster Super Squad is Osaka Punch's collection of 7 tracks, formed from their UK sessions when they lived there. Each track having it's own style, demeanour and avatar character. Make the Call is the lead single for the EP. 

Death Monster Super Squad is released on Sept 16th.

Tracklisting : 1.Eat you up 2.Make the call 3.Served with mustard 4.Stonk 5.Mankiller 6.In or out 7.Spider and the fly

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