Sunday, July 24, 2016

Interview with Trapt

Alternative rock band Trapt will release their new studio album DNA on August 19th so Palace of Rock had a little chat with bassist Pete Charell about line up changes, their fans and Pokemons.
Hello there, the band is currently on the road and about to kick off the Make America Rock Again tour. How is tour going so far?
Pete-The tour is going great.  We are doing some smaller shows that roll right into the Make America Rock Again tour.

Trapt has been around for 20 years but with record sales going down for most bands, what keeps you going?
Pete-We started playing music because we love to and that's why we continue to do it.

The band has been through many line up changes with at least 3-4 different drummers and guitarplayers, is the job as a drummer and a lead guitarist too touch to handle?
Pete-Sometimes it's a challenge to find the right fit for the band, hopefully that's what we have now.

You have worked with some of the best producers in the music industry like Don Gilmore, Garth Richardson and Johnny K. How much did it affect the band´s sound working with them and were you always happy with the result of each album?
Pete-Working with great producers definitely showed us what it takes to make a great sounding album.  Some producers/mixers put more of their signature sound on the recordings than others.  We were very fortunate to be able to make those records with such great people and are happy with what we did.

The official music video of Headstrong has the impressive 16 million views on Youtube. Is it possible to exclude your biggest hit from the setlist on stage or will the fans go berserk?
Pete-We will never be able to not play Headstrong.  That song blew up bigger than any of us ever expected.  

Your new studio album DNA is coming out this August, I think it´s an album that stays true to the typical Trapt sound but the production feels a bit more organic. Was it hard to produce the album yourselves?
Pete-It was a challenge to self-produce this album in that we had to be artistic and objective, when with a producer, the musicians are generally just being artists.  We wanted the album to have more of an organic feel.  We wanted the album to sound like us playing our instruments.

I think you can call DNA a fan album, they were involved in both a crowd funding campaign in the making of the album and as inspiration for various topics in the lyrics. Is this your way of saying thank you to the fans?
Pete-This is a way of saying thank you to our fans and also keeping them involved in what we do.

The opening track Human (like the rest of us) is a bloody great rocker, one of your best songs so far in my opinion. Was this one of the first songs written for DNA?
Pete-Thank you! It was one of the first songs written for DNA.

You released the band´s first ever acoustic album The Acoustic Collection in 2014 and on the new album, there are 4 acoustic versions of Human, Passenger, Castaway and Tangled Up In You as bonus tracks. Never thought about recording any cover songs?
Pete-We recorded a cover of Policy of Truth by Depeche Mode.

It´s been 8 years since the release of your only live album Trapt Live on Eleven Seven Music, are there any plans of recording a new live album soon?
Pete-We don't have any plans to do another live album right now.  That's not to say we will never do another one though.  We are always filming stuff on the road.  Maybe we will put out a DVD at some point.

Everybody is running around like crazy chasing Pokemon characters in the new game Pokemon Go! Perhaps this should be the new way of releasing songs through an application where people can go out and search for songs with GPS coordinates.
So what do you say, how about launching Trapt Go?
Pete-Haha!!!  People are really into that game.  

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