Thursday, June 9, 2016

Review : Sonic Boom Six - The F-Bomb

Sonic Boom Six - The F-Bomb (2016) Cherry Red Records
Produced by Dan Weller
Tracks : 1.No man no right 2.From the fire to the frying pan 3.Do what you wanna do 4.Drop the bass 5.Train leaves tomorrow 6.Love 7.Worship yourself 8.Joanna 9.All the same to me 10.Echoes in the dark
2,5 out of 5

It was easy to become a fan of Sonic Boom Six´s self titled album from 2012, a package of an irresistable mix of dubstep and electro rock.
That album truly got me hooked from the first track so I was kinda excited when the Brit´s recently released their 5th studio album "The F-Bomb", but it´s completely different compared to previous album.
The new LP is a mishmash of reggae, dance and ska with plenty of tropico pop vibes. I can´t say that I was too thrilled about these songs but I gave the music a chance and it gets better.
Listening to "The F-Bomb" can be described as hearing Gwen Stefani collaborating with Shaggy and The Police giving some advice about songstructures.
The deluxe version comes with a 2nd disc featuring the band´s live performance at Norwich Owl Sanctuary, lots of music for a small amount of money.
Highlights : Do what you wanna do, Echoes in the dark
Recommended if you like No Doubt, The Cleopatra Complex, Dig The Kid

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