Sunday, June 5, 2016

Review : Royal Bliss - The truth

Royal Bliss - The Truth (2016) Air Castle Records
Produced by Royal Bliss
Tracks : 1.The truth 2.We´re all livin´ the dream 3.Racin´ 4.Drown with me 5.Goin´ to hell
3 out of 5

Salt Lake City based Royal Bliss has always built their modern rock sound on a foundation of southern rock but the new EP takes the band in a new direction, these 5 new tracks are more or less heartland country rock tunes.
The band recruited new guitarist Sean Hennesy (Candlebox) for their 9th studio release "The truth" and I´m pleased to hear that he is willing to crank up the amp in rockers like "Goin´ to hell" and "The truth".
The first single "Drown with me" is in fact a bit modern rock-ish but in a huge southern rock costume, it´s also one of the best songs on this solid EP.
The new single "We´re all livin´ the dream" is even more radio friendly but the songs has too much of that singalong-and-bring-the-world-to-peace anthem over it. You could say it´s drenched in syrup.
Highlights : Drown with me, Goin´ to hell
Recommended if you like Rascal Flatts, Big and Rich, Cold Creek County

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