Friday, June 10, 2016

Review : Noise - Echoes

Noise - Echoes (2016) Hljodverk Records
Produced by Einar Vilberg / Stefán Vilberg
Tracks : 1.Dark days 2.Quiet 3.Paranoid parasite 4.Out of line 5.Sleepless 6.Sea of hurt 7.Fathead 8.So long
3 out of 5

"Echoes" is the 4th album from Icelandic band Noise, they have been around for 15 years and released their previous album "Divided" in 2010 that was mastered by renowned producer Beau Hill.
This is not the kind of music you include on your playlist whenever there´s a party coming up, but instead it works just perfect when you want to be alone for a while and go all philosophical.
Noise build their songs on melancholic themes where you almost can sense the cold waves from the northern sea in your face, the music is acoustic driven featuring a very nice string quartet on a few songs.
It´s not entirely wrong to call it Led Zep-inspired grunge-prog, however Kurt Cobain´s spirit lies all over "Echoes" too so by now you should have the full picture of how the new album from Noise sounds like.
It´s a good album anyhow.
Highlights : Fathead, Quiet
Recommended if you like Nirvana, Kent, Red Wanting Blue

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