Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Review : Jorn - Heavy rock radio

Jorn - Heavy rock radio (2016) Frontiers Records
Produced by Jorn Lande
Tracks : 1.I know there´s something going on 2.Running up that hill 3.Rev on the red line 4.You´re the voice 5.Live to win 6.Don´t stop believin´ 7.Killer queen 8.Hotel california 9.Rainbow in the dark 10.The final frontier 11.Stormbringer 12.Die young
2 out of 5

Norway´s biggest music export after A-ha releases a covers album, Jorn Lande decided to record hitsongs that are special to him but I think it´s a rather pointless album.
He released a Dio tribute in 2010 so why 2 more Dio covers on "Heavy rock radio"? Jorn´s fans are proud to be hard rockers at heart and I don´t see how they want to hear Jorn take on pop hits like "You´re the voice" or "I know there´s something going on".
Where is the point in making another version of "Don´t stop believin´" and "Hotel California", there must be thousands of different cover versions out there with other artists. And you can´t touch the original anyway.
The next Jorn album of original songs will be out in 2017 and since he´s such an extraordinary singer, I am waiting for that record instead and won´t listen to "Heavy rock radio" again.
Highlights : Killer queen
Recommended if you like Dio, Whitesnake, Masterplan

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