Sunday, June 5, 2016


HELLYEAH - UNDEN!ABLE (2016) Eleven Seven Music
Produced by Kevin Churko
Tracks : 1.! 2.X 3.Scratch a lie 4.Be unden!able 5.Human 6.Leap of faith 7.Blood plague 8.Live or die 9.Love falls 10.10-34 11.Start a riot 12.Grave
4 out of 5

Do you want your coffee to be black, the vampires in horror films to be really evil and your metal to be 100% metal and not some trendy shit. Then HELLYEAH´s 5th album "UNDEN!BLE" will put a big smile on your face because this band doesn´t care about the mainstream, they´re the opposite of political correctness.
This is a superstrong mothafucka that will end up in the Top 10 metal albums of 2016 and it´s without doubt the best one so far from this supergroup.
The riffs will scrape the earth like a human being clawed by a werewolf and as a singer, Chad Gray has grown into Godzilla-size on this new record.
There´s only one way to go for this band, it´s loud, louder, loudest - HELLYEAH!
Highlights : X, Leap of faith, Be Unden!able, Grave, Human, Love falls
Recommended if you like Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch, Mastodon

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