Thursday, June 2, 2016

Review : Dan Reed Network - Fight another day

Dan Reed Network - Fight another day (2016) Frontiers Records
Produced by Dan Reed Network
Tracks : 1.Divided 2.The brave 3.Infected 4.Champion 5.Ignition 6.Give it love 7.B there with U 8.Save the world 9.Eye of the storm 10.Reunite 11.Heaven 12.Sharp turn 13.Stand tall
4 out of 5

This must be the most surprising comeback album of 2016, who would´ve thought we´d ever the see the day of light of another Dan Reed Network album. How amazing isn´t that?!
The original line up is intact except keyboardist Blake Sakamoto who left the band in 2015 because of family reasons and he is replaced by Rob Daiker (Slowrush).
"Fight another day" is their 2nd best album after the smashing debut album from 1988, but there´s no doubt "Fight another day" is stronger than both "Slam" (1989) and "The Heat" (1991).
The new album has all the important ingredients a great Dan Reed Network album should have, if you don´t like this record - you´re not a fan.
Can anyone tell Red Hot Chili Peppers that funk rock is back alive and kicking, first the return of Electric Boys in 2011 and then Faith No More´s reunion album that came out 2015.
Not to mention, the groove machine Living Colour that will release the brand new album "Shade" this year.
Play that funky music white boy!
Highlights : The brave, Champion, B there with U
Recommended if you like Hot Action Cop, Roachford, Eric Gales

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