Saturday, June 18, 2016

Review : Chris Murphy - Red mountain blues

Chris Murphy - Red mountain blues (2016) Teahouse Records
Produced by Chris Murphy / Joshua Cutsinger
Tracks : 1.Red mountain blues 2.Dirt time 3.High country 4.Black roller 5.Kitchen girl 6.Cast iron 7.Dry county 8.Walt Whitham 9.Dig for one day one day more 10.Buckwheat pancakes 11.Meet me tonight 12.Johnson county 13.Chickasaw Freedman 14.The lord will provide
2 out of 5

Violinist Chris Murphy is quite a creative record artist with several new releases the past year, including "Red mountain blues" featuring Grammy award winning bluegrass vocalist Tim O´Brien.
The music is a blend of bluegrass and Irish folk music where 7 tracks are instrumental, I must say that I prefer his other new album "Surface to air" over this one.
My wife keeps telling me we should go and take squaredance lessons but I´m a lousy dancer so if she will hear that I´m listening to this record, I bet she will never stop nagging me about it because "Red mountain blues" is a perfect soundtrack for practicing squaredance.
What about the music then? Well, it´s not my cup of tea.
Highlights : Dirt time, Kitchen girl
Recommended if you like The John Jorgenson Band, The Lowest Pair, Union Station

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