Saturday, June 11, 2016

Review : Anna Rose - Strays in the cut

Anna Rose - Strays in the cut (2016) Noble Steed Music
Produced by Anna Rose
Tracks : 1.Force of nature 2.Bury me deep 3.Start a war 4.Under your skin 5.Natural disaster 6.Flame
3 out of 5

N.Y.C based singer/songwriter Anna Rose´s new EP "Strays in the cut" feels more electrical than her previous album "Behold a pale horse" from 2013.
I wasn´t a fan of Anna´s vocal performance on that album but I think her singing has improved quite a lot on the new EP, she sounds more relaxed but still have some power if you listen to "Natural disaster" for example.
We´re talking bluesy rock´n´roll here but we also get a taste of 90´s rock a la 4 Non Blondes in "Under your skin", however the opening track "Force of nature" is a better ambassador for "Strays in the cut" with it´s Marc Bolan riff and blues groove.
I love the Adrian Belew-like guitarplaying in the laid back and beautiful "Bury me deep", one of the best tracks on this EP.
A step in the right direction for Anna Rose.
Highlights : Bury me deep, Flame
Recommended if you like Beth Hart, Alannah Myles, Rebecca Downes

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