Sunday, June 12, 2016

Muse Live at the Globe Arena, Stockholm

On my way on the train to Stockholm yesterday I found out The New Regime would be opening for Muse so I felt truly happy for a moment.
But Ilan Rubin´s The New Regime must be the biggest disappointment as a support act so far, here I was hoping to listen to some wonderful artistic electronic rock. I love his both EP´s.
That wasn´t what Rubin´s band had in mind, they were more keen on playing a Jimi Hendrix cover plus an endless jam of 70´s rock, not to mention hard rock versions of his synthesizer based rock.
Total failure!
Now over to the main event of the evening.
Oh, I have had tickets to a Muse show before but they were cancelled twice, anyway, third time´s the charm and now a sold out Globe Arena in Stockholm was lucky to have Muse on their Drones tour.
The first non-cancelled concert in Stockholm since 2009, and what a concert it was.
It was expected that the setlist was built on their latest album Drones where the 10 minute long The Globalist turned the arena into a spaceship and we left the planet for a journey of musical exctasy.
The 2 hour show included a brilliant out-of-this-world lighting show and I´m not sure I have seen anything like it before, if someone told me Steven Spielberg produced it I would believe it.
The clinical 360 stage was just perfect and gave the audience a sense of futurism, especially when the band performed the main theme for World War Z, The 2nd law (isolated system). I had goosebumps all over.
How about the audience then? They were fantastic and sang along like a 12,000 vocal strong choir to classic songs like Starlight, Plug in baby, Hysteria, Uprising, Time is running out and Knights of Cydonia.
I slept like a baby after the show, oh yes, this is true happiness.


DrumFan said...

Quick to judge and comment but very slow to understand. The New Regime is not signed a band. They have no label tour support dollars. Ilan pays for everything out of his own pocket. I'm sure he'd love to have one or two more musicians and more instruments to reproduce his music as it is on record, but that would be costly. As it is, I doubt he's making any money on these four shows. Guarantees are not that great for support acts and to fly in from California, where he is from, isn't cheap. So before you offer your "total failure" criticism, think about that for a moment. It's amazing they're able to do what they do with only three musicians.

Kaj Roth said...

I still have plenty of respect for Ilan Rubin as a musician and songwriter, I really love his two EP´s Exhibit A and Exhibit B. But I expected something else as I was looking forward to hear The New Regime live. I didn´t expect a rock trio that played a Hendrix cover when he has such great songs of his own to perform and a long jam session when they only had 30 minutes to include more songs instead of that long guitarsolo.
Also, what is the biggest letdown, is the fact that TNR could´ve used loops and backingtracks to get a more authentic sound to the studio versions. I wanted the electronic, synthbased stuff. Not the Pearl Jam rock they delivered.

DrumFan said...

There's only so much you can do to trigger loops and backing tracks. They used those in "We Rise We Fall", all triggered by the drummer. It would be great if he gets the financial support he needs to be able to do it right. That guitar solo at the end was from a song on his first album called "Coup".