Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Your guide to upcoming heavy metal albums

Cloudscape - Voice of reason - JAN 8
Metal factor : Medium. The Swedes promise a classic progressive metal album on their 5th release, this is the first Cloudscape album to have a title track. First single A new design is out now.

My Dear Addiction - Kill the silence - JAN 8
Metal factor : High. It´s been 6 years since MDA´s strong debut New blood, this Swedish band has already announced themselves as Winners on the new single and fans of modern metal will sleep well at night again.

Witchcraft - Nucleus - JAN 15
Metal factor : High. Time to carry out some doom-ish stoner metal from another Swedish band that is getting bigger for each album, now as a trio on their 5th album, you can get a first taste of the new song Theory of consequence.

El Caco - 7 - JAN 15
Metal factor : Medium. In case this Norwegian band slipped through your radar, they are no newcomers and has released 6 albums so far with the 7th one coming out in January. A dose of alternative hard rock and heavy metal is on the menu here. First single is Curious.

Forever Still - Tied Down - JAN 15
Metal factor : Medium. After 3 EP´s, it´s time to unleash the first full length album from this female fronted Danish band. We´re talking alternative metal in the same vein as Evanescence and Lacuna Coil.

Megadeth - Dystopia - JAN 22
Metal factor : Very high. Dave Mustaine is as metal as ever and when Metallica can´t seem to release any new music, Megadeth deliver their 15th album as steady as a Grizzly beer hunting for food.

Drowning Pool - Hellelujah! - JAN 22
Metal factor : High. Who said that numetal is dead? This American band refuses to die and have adapted with time to a more fitting sound rather than becoming dinosaurs, get ready for their 6th album and do yourself a favor and check out the new single By the blood below.

Emil Bulls – XX - JAN 29
Metal factor : High. These Germans 10th studio album is called XX mainly because they have been around playing rock for 2 decades and I don´t mind ´em hanging around for twenty more years. The new single Here comes the fire is as solid as ever.

Primal Fear - Rulebreaker - JAN 29
Metal factor : High. Who could be more suitable to carry the flag of German heavy metal than Mat Sinner and Ralf Scheeper´s metal legion Primal Fear. They are keeping the tradition alive with the 11th studio album featuring the singles In metal we trust and The end is near.

Bury Tomorrow - Earthbound - JAN 29
Metal factor : High. U.K based metalcore act signed to Nuclear Blast Records, now delivering the goods on their 4th album featuring a guest appearance from Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed. Get an injection of modern metal with the new singles Memories and Earthbound.

Eternal of Sweden - Heaven´s gate - JAN 29
Metal factor : Medium. The 2nd full length album from this Swedish melodic metal band. Now they have every chance to prove that they´re to be reckoned with and far more hotter than their lousy bandname.

Avantasia - Ghostlights - JAN 29
Metal factor : Medium. Tobias Sammet never seem to get tired of hitting the studio to record yet another metal opera together with plenty of famous guest vocalists, let´s assume we´re about to be given a new bombastic and symphonic power metal effort on their 7th album.

Polaris - The guilt and the grief EP - JAN 29
Metal factor : High. Those Aussie´s are not only experts in progressive alternative rock/metal but also a strong force when it comes to metalcore. Parkway Drive, Northlane, Buried in Verona, In Heart´s Wake and Polaris are just a few fine examples of their fine quality in music export. Polaris sophomore EP should be a real treat for anyone into growls and furious riffs.

Rhapsody of Fire - Into the legend - FEB 5
Metal factor : Medium. These Italians are just like IKEA, a safe buy when we´re talking classic power metal and you can count on them being around for as long as you live. But just don´t expect any surprises on their 11th studio album but their fans don´t want it either.

Last in Line - Heavy crown - FEB 19
Metal factor : High. Dio´s backing band reunite with the new singer Andrew Freeman to keep the legacy alive with the sound of the first three Dio albums Holy diver, Last in line and Sacred heart.
I bet Ronnie James Dio would be proud.

Adept - Sleepless - FEB 19
Metal factor : Medium. Swedes that blend metalcore with post hardcore, 3 albums on their former label Panic and Action but now signed to Napalm Records for the release of their 4th album. Solid nonetheless.

Anthrax - For all kings - FEB 26
Metal factor : Very high. The thrash metal legends bring you their 11th studio album and the first of new music in 5 years, Scott Ian and Joey Belladonna don´t have anything to prove as they are one of the big four.

From Ashes To New - Day One - FEB 26
Metal factor : High. The full length debut from an American band that has their home soundwise in both numetal and rapmetal. Forget about the 2 EP´s available, this is the one that will put their name on everybody´s lips next year.

Anvil - Anvil is Anvil - FEB 26
Metal factor : Very high. It´s about time, Lips and Robb Reiner gets the recognition they deserve after a long career of up´s and down´s but mostly down´s. The album title of Anvil´s 16th studio album pretty much sums it up, this is metal on metal all over again.

The Unguided - Lust and loathing - FEB 26
Metal factor : High. A Swedish melodic death metal band not many pay attention to but you should, the band features former members of Sonic Syndicate. Is it third time lucky for these boys? Will their 3rd record take ´em up in the same league as Soilwork and In Flames?

Almanac - Tsar - MAR 18
Metal factor : Medium. Victor Smolski of Rage presents his new orchestral metal band featuring David Readman on vocals (Pink Cream 69), the Palace believes the debut album most certainly will be something traditional in the footsteps of marching German metal.

American Head Charge - Tango umbrella - MAR 25
Metal factor : High. When we thought the American numetallers were dead and gone, they come crawling back with the first album in over 11 years, talk about a cool comeback.

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