Monday, October 5, 2015

Palace of Heavy Metal VI

Cum on feel the noize.

San Fransisco based hard rock/metal band Letters From The Fire has recorded a new 3 song sampler with their new vocalist Alexa Kabazie, check it out.

The melodic rock n' roll infused metal band The Protest takes you away from the gloom persona of hard rock and brings a fun energetic flare of life in contrast to anything in the music scene thus far. Music has been a passion shared between them for quite some time, but with no real purpose, no real inspiration to draw from.
Watch their new official video Vicious Cycle here.

ArthurKill´s previous album Addiction was released in 2003, the long awaited follow up Seven Hills is now available on iTunes. Watch the official video Yellow brick road here.

Megadeth´s new album Dystopia arrives January 22, 2016. Listen to the first single Fatal illusion.

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