Thursday, October 22, 2015

Fourplay : Post Paradise , Arcane Roots , Deville , September Mourning

Post Paradise - Bring it to life, Side A (2015) Memories of the Y2K bug
Let´s go back to the late 90´s and the alternative rock scene when bands like Our Lady Peace, Dishwalla and Splender were your favorite bands. The Colorado based alt-rock quartet Post Paradise sounds just like a flashback of that era, take a moment and listen to their new EP "Bring it to life, side A". If you close your eyes, you will believe it´s 1999 when Third Eye Blind´s "Blue" was the soundtrack of the year.
Post Paradise features Nick Starr Duarte - Vocals/Guitar, Amy Morgan - Cello, Brian Zeiger - Bass and Mark Roshon - Drums. They have released 2 full length albums and will follow up with Side B in 2016, Side A is produced by Andrew Berlin (Rise Against, As I Lay Dying) and I think it´s real cool that they´ve got a cello player in the band that makes their sound a bit more original.

Arcane Roots - Heaven and Earth (2015) Big rock from the United Kingdom
The alternative rock scene in England has never been hotter, mostly because bands like Biffy Clyro, Muse and Mallory Knox are both so exciting and successful.
The trio Arcane Roots take most of their inspiration from these bands but also add a personal touch to it, there´s the progressive part a la Dead Letter Circus, not to mention anthemic choruses like Thirty Seconds To Mars.
Remember the name Andrew Groves, he´s the singer and guitarist of Arcane Roots. This guys is a genius when it comes to intelligent songwriting, with mindblowing riffs and strong melodies.
If you by any chance missed their debut album "Blood and chemistry" from 2013, you are a fool if you will pass on their new EP "Heaven and Earth".
This is true love!

Deville - Make it belong to us (2015) Riffmeisters from Scandinavia
You don´t need much in life, air to breathe, food and water, sleep once in a while but most importantly - music! Remember that on the 8th day, god created rock and roll.
Even if I was living a self-sufficient life in a cabin in the woods, I would still have to rock to feel healthy and vital in my mind.
The Swedish heavy rock band Deville knows this too and play those riffs like it was the last day of their lives, we get a double dose of 70´s hard rock, grunge and modern metal on their new album. Does it sound wonderful or what?
Take a bit of Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and Mustasch and you´ll get "Make it belong to us". Forget about imaginary shows like Idol and instead get yourself a taste of real loud rock in songs like "Out of the black" and "Life in decay".
Also available :
"Come heavy sleep" (2007)
"Hail the black sky" (2009)
"Hydra" (2013)

September Mourning - Volume 1 (2015) Bring out your halloween costumes
After the debut album "Melancholia" from 2012, September Mourning signed to Virgin Records but whatever happened to that deal, I don´t know.
Fronted by Emily Lazar, the band now releases their new EP Volume 1 independently and whether you call it goth, industrial or death pop. September Mourning will get you in the right mood for the vampire film night or the horror masquerade.
The cover of Ben E.King´s "Stand by me" felt a bit odd but my favorite songs are "Angels to dust" and "Children of fate". I could swear producer Don Gilmore was involved in this record but I know it´s Howard Benson. However, it doesn´t sound like a typical Benson production.
I can´t wait for Volume 2.
For fans of Lacuna Coil, Lahannya, The Murder of My Sweet

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