Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fourplay : Doghouse Swine , Highland Kites , The Electro-Lights , ReVerbed

Doghouse Swine - Fearless (2015) It´s better to burn out than fade away
Feel like you wanna set fire to a car, get out fighting in the streets or tear down a house? Well, don´t! Start a band instead and let out all your frustration and anger in the music.
No one gets hurt and you can use the freedom of speech to show a strong signal of disapproval towards the government or society in general, violence is never a solution.
The New York based trio Doghouse Swine knows that the pen is mightier than the sword and delivers punk rock with an attitude on their 3rd release "Fearless".
The new EP is produced by J.Robbins (Clutch, The Sword) and will appeal to fans of Henry Rollins, Danzig and Bad Religion.
Really not what´s on my favorite menu but I get the message. Doghouse Swine is the opposite to family oriented mainstream shows like American Idol and Dancing With The Stars. It´s cool enough for me.

Highland Kites - All we left behind (2015) Touch the sky
Imagine dancing in slow motion on the grass on a hot summer day, that´s exactly how it feels listening to the new album "All we left behind" from Los Angeles based Highland Kites.
But I also see myself sitting by the window at night, looking at the moonlit sky when I hear these songs. Yes, it´s a bit romantic too.
Highland Kites is fronted by singer/songwriter/keyboardist Marissa Lamar, who can be described as a female Morrissey at times but the music also bring thoughts to artists like First Aid Kit and Sarah Donner.
Whether you call it dreamlike folk rock or melancholic indie pop, it´s in fact a beautifully crafted album of ten good songs where my favorites are "Small frame" and "Polaroids".
Also available : "So vicious" Ep from 2014.

The Electro-Lights - Oddities and contradictions (2014) A taste of the golden age of rocknroll
It´s time for some good ol´ rock and roll, both rootsy, bluesy and even a bit punk-ish too. The Mississippi based duo The Electro-Lights have the same line up as The White Stripes with Sam Mahler - Guitar/Vocals and Oliver Meachan - Drums.
Writing hitmelodies is not what´s top priority here, it´s to have fun and make some noise. Their 7 track EP "Oddities and contradictions" sounds like it could´ve been recorded live in the garage, with songs that bring thoughts to both MC5, The Doors and The Animals.
They´re probably the worst wedding band around but definitely better as a biker´s club band.
Well, I think it´s a decent EP and by far more fun to listen to than the dead DJ produced pop that is flowing over us like a pandemic.

ReVerbed - Another year, still here (2015) Anti-politically correct youth
Tired of all those polished and mainstream pop punk acts? And instead want something in your face with a raw and punk-ish sound the 1977 style, well the young and female fronted band ReVerbed blend emo, alternative rock and pop punk on their new EP but it´s done the old school way.
This U.K based quartet has recorded 4 solid songs, influenced by bands like Taking Back Sunday, Jimmy Eat World and even The Offspring.
The first two songs "Breathe in, breathe out" and "Bury me" stand out, I like the energy in these songs and I bet they rock even harder on stage.
They probably don´t give a fuck if you like ´em or not.

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