Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fourplay : Coheed and Cambria , Escape The Fate , June Star , Colorway

Coheed and Cambria - The color before the sun (2015) And the Grammy goes to.....
Even though the guitar riff on "Young love" sounds like Pearl Jam, the similarities towards the Grunge band stops right there and instead the rest of the new album from Coheed and Cambria is handmade comfort for the open minded progrock fan.
Bandleader Claudio Sanchez sure do deserve a fine cake to share with his bandmates to celebrate the #1 spot on Billboard´s alternative album chart. "The color before the sun" is the Coheed and Cambria´s 8th studio album and their finest work to date, produced by Jay Joyce (Halestorm, Chantal Kreviazuk) who lets Sanchez and Co do what they do best and not turn them into something they are not.
I´m a sucker for this kind of Rush meets Circa Survive with a touch of It Bites-like artrock, songs like "Island", "Here to Mars" and "You got spirit, kid" are nothing but earcandy deluxe.
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Escape The Fate - Hate me (2015) The anthemic rock parade starts now
Las Vegas rockers Escape The Fate have gone through some line up changes but they refuse to give up, drummer Robert Ortiz is the only original member left on their 5th studio album "Hate me" but the band sound more hungry than ever.
Together with long time frontman Craig Mabbitt and the new guitarists TJ Bell and Kevin Gruft, Escape The Fate has created a superstrong rock album with producer Howard Benson.
There´s less post hardcore/metalcore tendencies on the new album and instead the band is headed in the active rock direction, I´m sure they won´t lose the old fans with "Hate me" and I´m also sure they will gain new ones to the Escape The Fate family.
Green Day meets Imagine Dragons in the infectious "Let me be" while fans of Get Scared and The Used will jump high of joy to tracks like "Les Enfants Terribles", "Alive" and "I won´t break".
Highlights : "Les Enfants Terribles", "Alive", "Let me be".

June Star - Pull awake (2015) All set for the hi-fi experience
This Baltimore based quartet sounds like veterans in the music business, like they have been doing this for years. Which is not so strange because the band was formed in 1998 and the latest album "Pull awake" is their 10th release.
They deliver a blend of Americana, folk rock and adult alternative pop. Driven by Andrew Grimm´s baritone vocals where songs like "Tether" and "Wonders" bring thoughts to Crash Test Dummies.
The Chris Rea-like "Walk away" is quite nice while the rest of the album will appeal to fans of The Traveling Wilburys, the music really gets me in a comfy mood.
I´m rather surprised June Star isn´t bigger than they are, they should be selling records like lobster at the fish market.

Colorway - The black sky sequined (2015) Fearless by default
"The black sky sequined" is the 2nd album from Colorway, a trio from Massachusetts, USA. They released their self titled debut in 2013.
Although I think of Colorway as a rock band, it´s clearly that they´re just as influenced as new wave and blues too. I wasn´t too keen on this album at first but the music definitely grows for each time I hear it.
I hear a bit of Eric Clapton in their sound, as well as XTC and even The Style Council. Now you might think they´re an 80´s orientated band but I see Colorway´s songs more like timeless rock.
The song "The Cycle" sounds like a possible collaboration between Roger Waters and Dire Straits, just listen to the guitar both on this track and other songs like "Everybody wants me to love you" and "Telephone". F. Alex Johnson is such a great guitarplayer.
Overall, a solid album.

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