Thursday, September 17, 2015

Retroactive throwback thursday

News and more news, well not today, once in a while we all need a taste of nostalgia and some honest good ol´ flashbacks.
This page could cover anything from a certain toplist to a forgotten album or simply something awesome we all need daily in our lives.
As a matter of fact, my band Blue Cow Kent decided to go old school on the 2nd album and record as much basic tracks live as possible. We want to capture the energy that most 70´s rock albums has.
It looks like the song The Die Is Cast that was supposed to end up on our first album Phantom Cathedral as a bonus track, now gets a second chance to be included on the next record.
We won´t go for The Book of Numbers as the album title, we have a few other suggestions. It could be one of these "BCK 4 MORE", "BCK III" or simply "BCK".

David Coverdale´s Whitesnake and the now active line up of Deep Purple can step aside. 
Among the most anticipated events to occur in 2016, I do believe the fact that Ritchie Blackmore decided to rock again after 2 decades and perform songs from Deep Purple and Rainbow, must stand out as one of the most exciting things to look forward to next year.
He announced there will only be a few selected dates in June and that the yet unnamed lead singer is a new discovery, we can´t wait to hear more about the rest of the band and the upcoming shows.
Just think about the stunning catalogue Ritchie can choose songs from, I mean it´s almost impossible to pick songs for a 90 minute show. There are plenty of classics that will be left out.
But how about Stargazer (Rainbow-Rising), Gates of Babylon (Long Live Rocknroll), Eyes of the world (Down to Earth), Still I´m sad (Ritchie Blackmore´s Rainbow), Difficult to cure (Rainbow-Difficult to cure), Burn (Deep Purple-Burn), Mistreated (Deep Purple-Burn), Perfect Strangers (Deep Purple-Perfect strangers), Rat bat blue (Who do we think we are), Space truckin´ (Deep Purple-Machine head), Speed king (Deep Purple-In Rock).
And I haven´t even mentioned Smoke on the water, Highway star, Woman from Tokyo, Lazy, Child in time, Long Live Rocknroll, I surrender, Spotlight kid, Since you´ve been gone......etc.

And now an updated Top album list of 2015 (so far)

1.Muse - Drones
2.Ghost - Meliora
3.Toto - XIV
4.Gatherer - Heavy hail
5.This Oceanic Feeling - Universal mind
6.Nero - Between II worlds
7.The Murder of My Sweet - Beth out of hell
8.10 Years - From birth to burial
9.6:33 - The deadly scenes
10.Special Providence - Essence of change

11.Lonely Robot - Please welcome home
12.Mew - + -
13.Dead Letter Circus - Aesthesis
14.Red Sun Rising - Polyester zeal
15.Born Cages - I´m glad I´m not me
16.Young Guns - Ones and zeros
17.The Getaway Plan - Dark horses
18.Lotus Crush - Rabbit hole
19.Bumblefoot - Little brother is watching
20.Three Days Grace - Human

Rock isn´t dead!
I´m very happy to see that Iron Maiden´s The Book of Souls is #1 in the U.K and also on top of the album chart in Germany and #4 on Billboard´s Top 200.
Five Finger Death Punch´s Got Your Six is #6 in the U.K, #5 in Germany and #2 on Billboard´s Top 200.
On Amazon´s best selling CD´s we find Hollywood Vampires at #5, Slayer´s Repentless at #6 and Shinedown´s Threat to survival at #8.
No doubt that rockers are the most loyal fans in the world.

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