Thursday, September 10, 2015

Palace of Rock playlist

Music over my head, King´s X said it right, what a terrific band! Well, I´ve got loads of stuff to share with you guys. Plenty of albums to review in my Fourplay column or just great songs you should listen to. So here it comes, the Palace of Rock playlist. Are you sitting comfortable?
Most of these songs just don´t fit in my other columns.

Swerve is the creation of Los Angeles based songwriter Gregory Mahdesian. Officially formed in early 2015 with drummer Casey Baird, guitarist Ryan Berti, and bassist Brandon Duncan, Swerve went through a few incarnations before finalizing the line-up. Music was a lifelong pursuit of Gregory's and some of the first Swerve songs started coming together as early as 2011 - locked in a downtown loft in his early 20's contemplating whether anyone even cared about guitar music anymore.
Listen to the new song Everything from the upcoming EP set to be released this fall.

Oh, Be Clever is Brittney Shields, singer/lyricist, and Cory Scott Layton, producer/multi- instrumentalist. 
The new single River sounds like Charlotte Martin meets Björk. 

Electronic indie duo All Human has released a hypnotically dreamy single called "Headless Friends" from their upcoming sophomore LP Teenagers, You Don't Have To Die. The group is comprised of Adam “Rupert” Fisher of Fear Before the March of Flames/Orbs and Brian Ferrara of Trophy Scars.

Magic can happen by accident. That's certainly the case with up-and-coming Los Angeles alt-pop band, Sleeping Wolf. When producer Steven Solomon and artist Jake Newton began writing together in the beginning of 2014, they quickly discovered they had stumbled onto something special. Fast forward six months, with nearly an entire album’s worth of music, they’ve already placed songs in major motion pictures such as Netflix's "Mission Blue" and Hillary Swank's latest film, "You're Not You." While their first EP is slated for release February of 2015, their music is already finding it's way around and gathering steam. This is only the very infancy of a great band on the rise. 
Check out the lyric video Blindfold from their debut EP The Dark.

NIGHT ARGENT is an electrifying anthemic rock band that combines the infectious melodies of a Top-40 Pop act with the high-energy live performance of a well-traveled rock powerhouse. Chase Manhattan (lead vocals), Jeff Stachofsky (guitar), Shane Santanna (keys), Evan Taylor (bass), and Zac Burrell (drums) are the five individuals who give Night Argent their truly dynamic, breakthrough sound.
They are currently working on their EP with multi-platinum selling producer John Feldmann (Goldfinger, 5SOS, Good Charlotte), the new single Comet is a great appetizer of what´s to come.

WΛVE & ROME is a Nashville-based indie rock band led by Sam Tinnesz. The band was created after three years of searching and collaboration with co-writer and co-producer Josh Farro. Having been introduced by a mutual friend, Tinnesz and Farro found an instant creative bond in their musical crossroads. They bonded over a desire to depart from the limitations of any specific genre, leaving past influences and tastes behind.
Stream their new single Wandering wolf off their latest Across The Map EP.

So what does a smile sound like? Well, given its sun-soaked flavor, upbeat swing, and uncontainable energy, The Royal Concept’s second EP, Smile [LAVA/Republic Records], could very well answer that.

The Swedish quartet—David Larson [vocals], Filip Bekic [guitar], Magnus Robert [bass], and Frans Povel [drums]—first achieved worldwide attention with their viral hit “D-D-Dance.” In 2013, the track hit #2 on Hype Machine, while its follow-ups “Gimme Twice” and ”World on Fire” reached #3 and #1 respectively. LAVA signed the group and released their debut The Royal EP as the band crisscrossed the globe to play live shows in packed venues. Simultaneously, their hit single, “On Our Way” received high-profile placements everywhere from Glee and MTV’s Catfish to FIFA 14. Following that whirlwind, The Royal Concept returned home to Sweden ready and eager to do it all again. With a new batch of tunes, they traded Sweden’s snow for Los Angeles’s sun and entered the studio with producer Tony Hoffer [M83, Phoenix, Depeche Mode, The Kooks]. 12 days later they emerged with the EP, Smile.

Here is the splendid new track Higher than love from the EP, Smile.

Crawford Brothers’ are the latest venture of Ben and Zac Crawford, two brothers from the small town of Hinton, about a 30 minute drive west of Newcastle, Australia.
Collectively with Adam Harris (Drums) and Ben Lawrence (Bass), the band have sparked major interest with their world class and jaw dropping live shows and a sound adjoining the pop rock genre with elements of hip hop and rap vocals.

Watch the official video Slowly Creeping Back from their latest self titled EP available now.

Founded in the high desert of Provo, Utah but currently based in Los Angeles, The Moth & The Flame – singer/guitarist Brandon Robbins, keyboardist/vocalist Mark Garbett, and former Imagine Dragons drummer Andrew Tolman – arrived in 2011 and quickly earned devoted fans and critical acclaim for their brand of lush, atmospheric rock.
In Sep 2014 the band signed to Elektra Records. “The Moth & The Flame command the live stage and home speakers with equal fervor,” says Elektra President Jeff Castelaz. “Their songs encapsulate the fever and frailty of human emotion in a way that appeals to me as a music advocate. For that reason, I’m extremely proud to make them the newest member of the Elektra family.”
The new single Young and unafraid is a perfect example of this band´s potential.

The fabulous song Phoenix from the Fightback Soundtrack by electro pop band We Are Leo.

It´s time to rock with Wargo and the EP track Trip the wire from their brand new EP, Taboo.   

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