Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Palace of punk

Tuesday and we have reached the the anarchy station, today is a good day for punk rock, post hardcore, pop punk and new wave. You name it.

Openside are a pop punk outfit from the city of sails, Auckland, New Zealand. Featuring Possum Plows - Lead Vocals, PJ Shepherd - Guitars, Harry Carter - Bass and George Powell - Drums.
This quartet has recorded a cover of Major Lazer´s Lean on, so sit back and relax.

Screamo quintet Our Last Night have released a cover of The Weeknd´s Can´t feel my face on iTunes, check it out here.

Ohio based The Plot In You´s new album Happiness in self destruction drops October 16 on Stay Sick Recordings, the first two singles My old ways and Take me away are both available on iTunes.

Post hardcore band Boysetsfire have a new self titled record coming out on Sept 25, listen to the first single Cutting Room Floor at.

From melodic and harmonious piano tracks to hard hitting dominant guitars, AsFireFalls is definitely a band you want to listen to and you don't want to miss live.
Original music is described by fans as Metal/Techno or Electronic/Post Hardcore. When AFF is not playing shows or working on new music, the band enjoys hanging out together as friends, but as soon as they step on a stage and stop being four people and become one band, it quickly becomes apparent that their performance is their true outlet and haven.
Check out the title track off their new EP World in Grey.


Hailing from the depths of Berkley, Michigan, the psychotic yet amazingly talented theatrical quintet that goes by The Illustrator have finally unveiled their highly anticipated EP titled A Tale of Modern Theatrics. These five meticulously crafted tracks will take listeners on a maniacal roller coaster through the catchiest of melodies to the heaviest of guitar riffs leaving their victims confused yet subsequently begging for more. "With this new style of writing, I really wanted it to be a challenge to write something dark with theatrical feel, like a Tim Burton film." states vocalist, Sean Hill. He continues, "It's dark, it's sexy and I really feel that old and new fans alike are really going to get into what we've put together." With a surprise at every corner, it's easy to get lost in spurts of vaudeville coinciding with renditions of classical orchestrations all weaved together by stories sung and told by Sean.

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