Monday, September 7, 2015

Palace of Heavy Metal II

This is the page where you can put away your cell phone lights and heart shaped hands, if you´re not metal, go somewhere else.

Losing September is a group of modern day pirates with tires and gas in place of mast and wind. An American hard rock band that formed around 2002 around a youthful Bruce Fane. After many lineup changes, the group is currently made up of Bruce Fane (vocals / rhythm guitar), Nick Foreman (lead guitar), Zach Drane (Bass), Nick Figley (Percussion / rhythm guitar), & Ben Bauman (Drums). Losing September released their 5 song EP called, 'American Hero' internationally on iTunes on Aug. 18th 2015. They will release their 3rd full length studio album called, "Rise Of The Loser" in late 2015. Their music video for American Hero is the first single off their new album.

American metallers 40 Below Summer will release their new album Transmission Infrared on October 16, check out the first single Mangina here.

Queensryche will release their 2nd album with lead singer Todd La Torre on October 2, it´s called Condition human and it features the new single Guardian.

Minneapolis hard rockers Echo Effect featuring members of Skywind and Crash Anthem, has released their brand new album Where Angels Learn To Fly on iTunes and Spotify.

BEAR BONE COMPANY – the next exit for the seeker of bourbon-soaked and pure, heavy rock. Where everyone else is trying so hard, BEAR BONE COMPANY easily delivers a steady, dirty sound combined with energetic heavy music and red-blooded vocals. From the first note and on, inspired by the latest 4 decades, BEAR BONE COMPANY presents a highly modern stew of sweaty rock n’ roll on the oldfashioned, heavy guitar dominated highway. 
Their debut album is now available for streaming on Spotify. 

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