Sunday, September 20, 2015

Palace of Alternative Rock IV

Good gosh, whatever happened to that week? Well, alright then. More of that indie-electro-active
alternative kind of music coming up. And a massive one too.

ZERO HOLDS is a rock and roll band with grit. They formed amid the ashes of Massachusetts based band THE ROMAN NUMERAL THREE, a faux-acoustic/post-rock effort including Joe Touchette, Mike Rague, and John Thomas.  By a certain stroke of chance, Tyler Leadbetter soon emerged gallantly from the lost village of Hanson Ma. to join the remaining three in making a new and slightly edgier style of music. 
ZERO HOLDS release new single Plunge off upcoming EP The Struggle, out Oct 2.

Whilst there are many who believe Manchester’s Gold Jacks were conceived through a shared appreciation of crunchy, lo-fi blues, and borne out of mutual respect for their City’s less salubrious watering holes, the fact remains that this was merely a cover story; a well-timed fa├žade that has allowed both the true identities, and the true intentions of the band to remain hidden until the time came for their real purpose to be revealed. That purpose? To resuscitate the still-twitching corpse of the UK’s alternative scene before it’s picked clean by the commercial carrion crows that populate the Top 40.
Gold Jacks´ new single Take it back is available now, watch the official video here:

Blue Stahli moves with the grace of something otherworldly in between genres as if they have never existed at all. From heavy metal guitar riffs that sound most at home in a run-down dive bar under catch pop vocals that you swear you've heard on the radio, or bass-heavy, lo-fi swamp stomper blues along side tracks with glitched out electronics, hip-hop beats and even a dash of 8-bit flair, you'll hear the perfect mixture of dark, mysterious, alluring and infectious that you would expect from an album called The Devil.
The new single Armageddon is streaming below, taken from the album The Devil, out Oct 2nd.

British alternative rock band Tigress will release their new EP Human on Nov 13, do yourself a favor and check out their awesome single Alive.

The Nixon Rodeo from Spokane, WA. A combinations of all things rock. Our band consist of Brent Forsyth (lead vocals, guitar), Josh Crites (lead guitar), Travis Singleton (bass guitar), Ethan Harrison (drummer, vocals). The Nixon Rodeo has a song and feeling for everyone. Putting intensity, style and heart into each song and performance is what makes a RODEO show!
Their new album Relentless is available on Bandcamp.

Skies Collide are a 5 piece rock band from the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane, Australia. With impassioned female vocals, memorable guitar riffs and intricate drumming, Skies Collide offer up a vibrant and infectious sound, in a style that is nowadays scarcely evident in the Australian alternative music scene.
Their new self titled EP is out now, watch the official video Hollow heart here.

From Ashes to New is a Rap-rock band that hails from Central Pennsylvania where such greats as Live, Fuel, Halestorm, and August Burns Red. Some might say there is something in the water, but From Ashes to New is an amalgamation of decades of experience in the local scene come together in what can only be described as a "super group" of bands past. Each member grew up in the loca...l scene together playing their local bands to years later arrive together on this project which they believe is the pinnacle of the music aspirations they've been thriving for their whole lives. 
Their Downfall EP is out now, check out the single Through it all from the upcoming album Day One, out February 2016.

California based rock band Well Hung Heart featuring the beautiful Greta Valenti, has released their new self titled EP on Spotify and iTunes.

Ian Thornley is best known as the lead singer and guitarist for multi-platinum selling hard rock outfits Big Wreck, and Thornley, but let’s put that aside for the time being. On his first solo album, Secrets, made as Ian Fletcher Thornley, he gets closer to the core of his musical identity than he ever has before. With 13 tracks that add up to a bold reflection of his artistic maturity, the album is slated for release on October 30, 2015 through Anthem Records/Warner Music Canada.
Get a sneak peak of the first single at: 

Canadian band Marianas Trench will release their new album Astoria on October 23, listen to the first single One Love here:

Japanese rock band coldrain premieres official video for Gone, taken from their upcoming album VENA, out Oct 23rd.

Nashville based electro rock band Veridia releases their new EP Pretty Lies on Sept 25, check out the title track here:

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