Saturday, September 5, 2015

Fourplay : Red Line Tragedy , Operation Mindcrime , Pop Evil , Idlewar

Red Line Tragedy - Learn to fly (2015) They came, they saw, they conquered
Agents of The Sun was a great band and I truly miss them but I´ve got good news because two of the members of Agents of The Sun keep on rocking with their new band Red Line Tragedy.
Red Line Tragedy features Mark Richey - Vocals/Guitar (Chemical Red), Karras Johnson - Drums and the former Agents of The Sun members Jason Fubler - Guitar and Frank Hernandez - Bass.
Soundwise not that far from their former band AOTS, the debut album "Learn to fly" also bring thoughts to bands like Berman and Red Halo. Ohyeah, I´m excited.
What we´re dealing with here is contemporary hard rock with traces of modern rock, the fabulous "Paper wings" is this year´s "I don´t wanna miss a thing". Yes, I start thinking Aerosmith and the 1998 blockbuster film Armageddon when I listen to "Paper wings".
Other highlights are "Tragedy in color", "Alone tonight" and the first single "Learn to fly", this band has enough fuel to climb the active rock chart in rocket speed.

Operation Mindcrime - The Key (2015) The first attack of the three headed monster
The Queensryche affair was nothing but a mess a couple of years ago when both sides could use the name to tour and release albums, frontman Geoff Tate on one side and the remaining members on the other side.
Tate recorded an album in anger called F.U (Frequency Unknown) in 2013 since he was fired from the band but I felt something was missing in that Queensryche version.
The other camp with Scott Rockenfield, Eddie Jackson, Michael Wilton and Parker Lundgren recruited new lead singer Todd La Torre from Crimson Glory and released a self titled album the same year, which soundwise reminded a lot of the early albums Queensryche and The Warning.
A legal settlement was reached in 2014 where Tate got the rights to perform both Operation Mindcrime albums in their entirety and his former bandpals owns the right to the name Queensryche.
They are only allowed to perform selected songs from the Operation Mindcrime albums.
So where do we have Geoff Tate in 2015? Well, his new project simply called Operation Mindcrime signed a 3 record deal with Frontiers Records where "The Key" is the first part in a trilogy.
The 2nd album is already recorded and mixed as we speak but will be released next year, this new album "The Key" has traces of Tate´s former band but also his solo album from 2002.
It´s good to hear that Tate is in harmony now because there are plenty of interesting music parts to discover on "The Key".
Joining him on this album are several famous names such as Kelly Gray - Guitar (ex.Queensryche), Simon Wright - Drums (ex.AC/DC), Dave Ellefson - Bass (ex.Megadeth) and Randy Gane - Keyboards.

Pop Evil - Up (2015) The everlasting quest for hits
I don´t know if there is such a word as super commercial but it will fit right in with Pop Evil´s new album "Up", this band is without doubt stuck in the mainstream lane where nothing should be too dangerous.
They like to rock and show it from time to time on their 4th major label album, but the will of getting that radio ready chorus is so strong I bet these guys rather pick a MTV Award show over a small dirty rock club.
If Bon Jovi and Nickelback had a baby that was adopted by Katy Perry, it would probably sound like "Up". I get the feeling the rockers will think the music is too poppy and the popfreaks takes a step back because the songs are too heavy.
They´re somewhere in nowhere land so to speak, but don´t get me wrong here, the production sound like a million bucks and if you want material for your Karaoke evening - you´ve come to the right place.

Idlewar - Dig in (2015) Let the music do the talking
You can do a lot of things with a guitar, tune it, hit a few chords, practice hard to be real guitar hero, smash it just like Pete Townshend or set it on fire like Jimi Hendrix. But just don´t ask Kanye West because he can´t figure out in a million years what to do with those six strings.
However, the power trio Idlewar from California know a thing or two what to make of a guitar and an amplifier, they turn it up and turn it up loud.
Rocknroll isn´t complex and it´s definitely not noise pollution, these guys put a lot of love and soul in their 5 track EP Dig in and the result is more than satisfying.
For fans of Danko Jones, Royal Blood and Stevie Salas Colorcode.

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