Saturday, September 19, 2015

Fourplay : Emily Gold , Jeremy Porter and The Tucos , Jillian Speer , SydneyAlese

Emily Gold - Recluse (2015) Caught in a daydream
For Emily, music runs in her family. Her late father Andrew Gold wrote the Golden Girls theme song and pop hit "Thank you for being a friend" and grandfather Ernest Gold won an Oscar for his score from the movie Exodus.
But the British-born Emily Gold takes a different route and head into shoegaze land on her new album "Recluse", influenced by bands like My Bloody Valentine, Radiohead and School of Seven Bells.
The songs are dream pop flavored indie rock tunes, almost meditative music. Graham Gouldman of 10cc is a fan of the album saying -it is most importantly, original sounding and has such a haunting mood!
There are moments when this kind of music is perfect like today when it´s heavily raining outside and you just want to let your mind wander.
Perhaps not the best suitable album if you want to kick off the party on Friday night but it works a helluva lot better for the Sunday afternoon.

Jeremy Porter and The Tucos - Above the sweet tea line (2015) 3 chords rock lives on
Now time for some New Jersey inspired rock for the working class, the Detroit based trio Jeremy Porter and The Tucos delivers traditional rocknroll that could work just as good in a pub in Dublin as it would in a bar in Boston.
Jeremy Porter is hardly a newcomer, he has released several solo albums but "Above the sweet tea line" is the 2nd album as Jeremy Porter and The Tucos.
They might not end up playing stadiums but I´m pretty sure you´ll have a great night watching this band at a small club, this is a solid album where the tracks "Knocked out cold" and "Long story" stand out.
For fans of Deaf Havana, Graham Parker and The Rumour, Bruce Springsteen

Jillian Speer - Daggers and suede (2015) Not just another singer / songwriter
You just can´t put a label on some artists, they are genre-less so to speak. Jillian Speer makes music that has no home in a any certain genre, all I can say is that it´s not metal or classical music.
But you will find elements of acoustic pop, jazz, soul, blues and jam rock in her new EP "Daggers and suede".
She grew up in Seattle but relocated to Los Angeles a decade ago and collaborated with Grammy Award winning producer Qmillion on these new songs, I especially dig the sound of the bass on this EP. It´s fat and I love it.
"Daggers and suede" opens with an impressive cover of Tracy Chapman´s "Fast car", Jillian is extremely beautiful but sings just as great as she looks. I know Chapman would be proud if she heard Jillian´s version.
The guitarsolo by Tim Stewart on the groovy "Dum dum dai" is another highlight, if Carly Simon joined Phish it would probably sound like this.
Best track : "Spill".

SydneyAlese - Time (2014) Gilmore Girls-like music and then some
It might be close to autumn time here in Sweden with the leaves becoming colorful and with colder mornings and darker nights, but SydneyAlese´s music takes the listener back to springtime and a walk in the garden to smell all the flowers.
She calls Arizona her home and was only 19 year old when she recorded her first album "Time", soundwise a varied affair even though SydneyAlese likes to call her music bubblegum pop. 
The album opens with the beautiful dream pop tune "Time" but the rest of the album is like Chinese fortune cookies, filled with surprises.
We get electro pop a la Katy Perry in songs like "Love in the night", "Rave" and "Prisoner", but also acoustic pop in the same vein as Lene Marlin in the tracks "Light my world", "Inspire" and "I found my bliss".
If you´re looking for catchy pop / rock tunes, the album contains a few too such as "Pass you by" and "Responses like these", my thoughts go to Lisa Loeb´s album "No fairy tale" when I listen to these songs.

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